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My take on the game so far

First of all i want to say how much i like this game. For a guy with a lot of work hours being able to play ARPG which is not too hard and yet not too easy is a real blessing. I really love craft system- easy to get yet still good enough to be useful and hard to get best items. Respecting is easy enough to try many variations of passive/skill specialization.
I already tried all classes, but must say spellblade is most fun for me. Just got to wave 385 on arena and around 50 on monolith. I like both modes so far.
As you already suspect i am using ward. At this moment i dont see any other way to play Mage builds, would like to see some other options atleast for spell blade, maybe some nodes for more protection, some more block or maybe even dodge. I see some people saying how strong ward is, yet all builds at the momenta are using ward retetion idols which as we can see dont work properly. Try not using them and you will see its not so good only having a ward. On top of that they are using some spell/specialization combos enabling them to get tons of ward per hit, which i am not sure was main idea when skills were constructed.
With my setup i never had more then 16,5k ward, most of the time i was at 10k with close to 0 protections and around 40% dodge chance. When i was not using ward retention idols my ward drops around 3,5-4k constant peaking at 5,5-6k and i was never able to get more then 100-120 waves at arena, so as i see it patching does ward retention idols will be more then enough nerf on ward.
I would like to as developers about some skills and specialization i feel not working properly:
-casting fire shield dont always proc spellbound weapon despite being labled a spell, but if i cast spell before that and keep casting fire shield it procs
-flame blade specialization of flame reave adds little to no dmg, maybe i dont understand what multiplicative means but a point in there doest not increas more then 100 (not sure about that one test it a few times but its not easy without skill dps, so i might not be right on this one)
-enchant weapon- after wave 90-95 every time i cast enchant weapon i got lag spike/ frame drop for 0,5/1 sec a bit annoying maybe in future patches and optimizations this will be ok,

  • conflagrate specialization of enchant weapon does not work properly, test it several time i am not sure does it even to dmg or its too low, but even with a build i was able to stack around 2,5-3k dmg per thick for ignite when using enchant weapon i didnt saw any big dmg coming in, on top of that it didnt consume any ignites, again i might be wrong and not understanding how combination works
    -mana strike and celestial precision+critical rejuvenation, again i am not entirely sure about this one but even with only does to with 100 mana i should get 50% crit chance yet after testing skill crits less often, might be bad RNG or me not understanding how this one works
    Well i made it a bit long, despite trying not to sorry :slight_smile: .
    Thank you for taking the time to read it and keep up with the good work.
    I hope this game goes big enough so you can keep up with updating/maintaining Last Epoch.
    Not sure general is the best place for my thread if need moderators should move it to appropriate one, thank you in advance.
    Wish you all good day, all the best from RNG gods when using the forge and most of all have fun.

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