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My patch download failed because it needs additional 39.22 GB?

Ok. Call me crazy but why does this game require that much disk space? My current C drive has about 15 GB and my download failed because it needs additional 39 GB?? Why is this game so big?? Am I doing something wrong or it’s making duplicates somehow? Sorry I don’t know much about computers.

Is this on Steam or the standalone client?

Moving thread to Technical Support.

I don’t think it’s on steam… I play this game by clicking .exe. should I download this from steam or? I can’t believe it needs over 30 GB…and this is just beta? how can I shrink it or?

I just uninstalled Diablo 3 and the whole game is only about 15 GB. why is this game over 40 GB?

Could you please post a log file so that we know how many patches the Launcher is attempting to download and apply? The file will tell us the current version of your game client.

Depending on how out-dated your current install is, I can’t rule out a reinstall potentially requiring less disk space, due to a quirk of how updates are applied. If you would prefer to install and update the game through Steam, this support article may be helpful;

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