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My list of improvements and suggestions

Hello there!

So I’ve been trying out your game, and I gotta say that even though it is still early, the game is amazing and I can’t wait to see the final product. Keep up the great work :slight_smile:

For the past few weeks, I’ve been compiling a list of things that are bugging me, that could be improved or that are flat out real issues in my opinion.
For a lot of those I have taken videos, hoping it would help the dev team pin point the issue.

So here it goes:

  • I have been playing Spellblade and Mana Strike with the ranged attack node doesn’t feel good to use at all, it is way too clunky.
    The way you have to aim it pixel perfect on moving enemies just to miss more than half the time makes it tiring. Even with the talents that give you a better radius you can’t aim properly. Plus, it has a pretty big delay, so if you are spam clicking (which is often the case with a main attack skill) on moving enemies, you just keep and keep on missing.
    I think it should get the “Rip Blood” from the acolyte treatment, where you cast it at the position of an enemy, and even if your foe is moving, it hits the foe and not the point in space where you clicked.
    Here is a video showing how difficult it is to hit with this spell

  • There is an issue with the way aiming works for a lot of spells (including Mana Strike, Mark for Death, etc…) it seems to be an issue with all spells that are cast at a target position, but it seems more to be an issue with how the cursor position is handled when there is an obstacle.
    It is really hard to explain so the video will do a far better job, but if you have an obstacle, let’s say a pillar or column (they are usually tall enough to get in the way of the cursor), if you are trying to aim a spell at the ground, but your cursor sits on the top of the column / pillar, your spell will try to cast from the top of the column / pillar, but as it seems that it can’t do it, the spell will be cast from the bottom of the pillar. As I said, videos will make it clearer:
    Can’t cast a curse where I want
    Couldn’t attack enemies behind a pillar

  • The aggro range of mobs is sometimes too big? I remember having an item that summons a tree that has higher aggro priority than my character. It would cast at some place, I would move quite far away from it (like really far) and engage a new group of enemies only to see them run 1/4 of the map to attack my summon.

  • It would be nice to be able to see the damage spells do. Also their scalings, is it weapon attack or is it only spell modifiers, etc… But I guess that it’s already planned.

  • It would be amazing to have damage / scaling information in the tree skill tree (have some numbers on how a node will affect the skill, or a panel showing all of a skill’s information with the modifiers.

  • It would be nice for dialogs to automaticaly close if you walk away from the NPC.

  • The looting is very often clunky and unresponsive, I need to click multiple times on an item to loot it, or I need to move away from it and come back to it to pick it up.

  • There is no indication that you can’t pick up an item, and this coupled with the fact that the looting is unresponsive create situations like this one, quite often

  • More of a question, but will there be loot filters or an auto pick up feature?

  • I’ve been having a lot of issues moving items around my inventory. Sometimes when I try to move items quickly around my inventory they wont be grabbed or dropped by the mouse.
    When I am trying to sell fast, the selling doesn’t buffer the clicks and the selling happens quite slow anyway.
    Here is a video showing how unresponsive it is to move things around in the inventory. Mind that everytime I move the cursor, I also clicked to grab the item.

  • It would be great if the necro’s “Raise skeleton” skill would not simply cycle the skeletons on cast, but prioritize respawning the lower health skeletons. You often have to go through a full cycle to make sure everybody is healthy.

There, you have it, it was quite long but I hope it will of any help to the dev/product teams :slight_smile:

Cheers and have a great day!


Thank you for the feedback!

I’ve spent some time removing the bug reports from your post and creating them as individual threads in the Bug Reports section to ensure they are seen by our QA team.


I’m playing spellblade too and i have the same feeling as you all your feedback is worth

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