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My last epoch performance picture

share yours pls

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:slight_smile: Unfortunately I’m in the process of upgrading my pc, but with my old setup (GTX 1060 & an i5-4670 which has done quite well for 7 years) I’d get <1 fps (yes, seconds per frame) on the packs in (old) wave 150+. My new pc is going to be a GTX 2070 super & a Ryzen 7 3800x. Hopefully it’ll get me double figure fps…

i play necromancer currently, after wave 150+ it looks more like slideshow
i have GTX -1070 / 32 GB ram i7-7700k (4,2 ghz)

Hey all,

This thread has the potential to be very helpful. I’m going to move the thread from #general to #technical-support and sticky it there. I will need to ask for some additional information.

To be as useful as possible, reports of poor performance should include;

  • An uncropped screenshot showing the performance metrics.
    • These can be toggled on and off in-game, the default keybind is F11.
    • The forum doesn’t permit images to be uploaded to it, however it will embed images into your post if you paste a direct URL (for example,
    • The reason I ask for this to be uncropped is so we have some insight into your build.
  • A system information report.
  • Your graphics .INI file.
  • Some contextual information.
    • Is this while you are idle in town? In the arena? Playing the campaign?
  • Anything else you believe would help us to get a clear picture of what is happening.
    • Examples include whether performance is only poor when using a specific skill or while dealing damage in combat. Any observations would be very much appreciated.

Finally, please note we cannot accept performance reports if you are using any method of auto-casting skills outside of what the game itself facilitates. This includes macros, abusing Num Lock functionality, and anything else outside of unique items and skill trees.

I have capped the fps to 100 ingame and i can maintain that number through most of the game, but as soon a pack of enemies throws a clusterf***k on me like dozens of projectiles that explode on impact or practically anyhting that persists longer than 3 seconds, my fps drops down to sometimes even 20, a loss of roughly 80%!

I think its a particle problem. To many things to render, same as in poe where the perfomance is equally worse. Would suggest you look at the Vulkan API and/or Dynamic Culling, which increased poe performance significantly or give us at least a graphic option to turn down particle rendering.


As seen in the pictures, as soon enemies start to fire their stuff + my minion army does its thing, fps goes into the ground. This is even more the case in monolith or arena where mobs live longer and cast frequently. Without minions its still dropping to around 70 - 80 fps sometimes. Without the limiter i could run the game at 200+ fps.

DxDiag.txt (90.8 KB)
le_graphicsmanager.ini (505 Bytes)

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