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My HC Solo stash was somehow copied to my SC characters

I lost my SC stash and everything that was in it. I logged onto my HC Solo character after a long period of time and checked things out there. After that I found out that my HC Solo Stash was somehow copied to my SC characters. Losing my entire stash on my SC characters. Definitely feels like a bug. Can I somehow get my SC stash back?

Hmm. My entire SC stash also disappeared. I thought there might have been a wipe which I couldn’t remember. Seems like I’m in a similar situation as you :frowning:

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Moving thread to Bug Reports.

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Sorry about this! Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do to bring back your stash.

So the deletion of the SC stash and the copying over of the HC solo stash happened at different times? Did your HC solo stash have items, and were the items from it or was a copy made?

If you run into saving/loading issues, please make sure to copy out your log file, but unfortunately the log only applies to your latest session.

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Afaik it happened at the same time. My HC stash did have items, and it was definitely a copy. I still have all the items in my HC stash.

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