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My first take

Hello everyone I’m currently on day 2 of this and figured I would just give my first reaction / feedback to what i’ve noticed thus far.

  1. Respeccing Active Skills is annoying! I made this mistake with my first character and assumed i would get the points back for refunding points in warpath however that wasnt the case and it stunted my leveling/questing.

  2. Environmental tree(as an example) blocking view on character / mob fighting. This hasnt happened too frequently but it is very annoying when it does and makes it a bit annoying to dodge skills on the ground or time monster strike if theres a giant tree obstructing the view of your character fighting.

  3. Possible idea(s):
    A) Auctions house system when multiplayer comes up in order to purchase possible uniques from other players as opposed to needing a trade site(like PoE)

B) Character customization: I get this is the furthest thing from being a priority but when it comes to these type of games I think implementing such a feature would truly put it apart from the rest(as opposed to looking like a mix n match of PoE x Titan Quest x Diablo.

Again I’ve only been playing for 20hrs or so and have made 3 chars to test things out and these are what i’ve found. If anything has been repeated then i apologize.

Also if youre interest feel free to check out my wholesome profanity filled stream while i progress through this game


Welcome to the forums! Hopefully the Void Knight you created yesterday is progressing well. I’ll just add a few things to your feedback;

  1. Well, this is certainly a hot topic. All we know is that the current skill respec system is not yet set in stone and could still see some changes before launch. This thread has quite a few opinions on it;

  2. Agreed, it’s certainly rare (for me anyways) but it does happen.

  3. a) There will be a trading system in-game called the Bazaar that will facilitate this. There is an older dev-blog that talks about how they wanted to implement trade in the game, but that information is outdated and we’re likely to receive an updated dev-blog before its release (as EHG has hinted about this on their Discord server). The old dev-blog;
    b) Character customization (that includes gender, race, appearance, etc) is another thing discussed quite frequently here and any suggestions for a future system (post 1.0 launch) should probably be added to this thread as Mike Weicker (EHG developer) mentions this within it;

And to give you the quick summary of the ~313 post thread on respecs, some people like how it is at the moment, some don’t, the devs are aware of this & looking into it as it’s not set in stone.

Thanks for the repsonses guys this is pretty much a blog area for me as well to note as I go.

Another possible addition:

Mob levels along the top of the map(kind of how PoE is) to kind of give players a heads up as to what they should be hovering around before entering a zone

Press TAB while in the main game to have the map overlay on and, when you do this, in the top right it will show the area level, which does not scale to your level.

Endgame modes will always scale to your level.

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ahh derp shoulda realized it when i was hitting tab xd

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Just a couple more things;

1 Bug being that sometimes enemies health bars are still shown as full after they die(if you have health bars applied) i’ve noticed this rarely but its happened about 4-5 times in the last 2 days.

Possible quality of life; DPS tooltip update. id like to see how much my warpath skill does to enemies with all the added skills into it. Or know what all is applying from my Holy Aura passive after its been updated xD

Don’t feel stupid for missing that, I was already aware of it and had completely forgotten about it despite the fact that I have the Map up more often than not.

The ghost full health bar bug, incorrectly colored texture bug, twitchy dead body bug, and objects blocking the screen when they should be turning transparent are some of the most noticeable gameplay problems without getting into any balancing issues.

To parrot what you mentioned I also would love a skill summary that tells me everything active on a skill without having to look through the nodes and add things up, hell even the option to see the average damage per hit of my damaging skills with my currently equipped gear. I would also love the option to display all of my passives and skills that are on timers as little symbols with timers somewhere on my screen.

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