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My first experiences with Last Epoch

Hello Dear Community,

I would like to record my first experiences.
I think Last Epoch is a really good game with good gameplay and an excellent crafting system. The combat system and especially the boss mechanics are well done.

The textures leave a little bit to be desired but I personally don’t care if the rest is right. And I have to say for a still beta is a very good game.

But I want to mention something, when you start a new character and you play solo, you can remove the character from solo and continue playing as normal but all stash tabs, shards, items and gold are gone when you do so. It’s my own fault, you don’t have to talk about it but you might want to think about making it clearer or bigger for upcoming newcomers, so that the display next to the selection option is better. It’s annoying to have lost everything you collected but you learn more about this game.

Furthermore I don’t know if it’s my fault or a general performance problem when my game gets jerky in boss fights or when there are lots of mobs. It’s not unplayable now because of that but it could be better.

Thanks for reading



First and foremost, welcome to the Last Epoch Community!

For me as a “veteran player” it is always very exciting to hear first hand impressions of “newer players”.

Sometimes i can relate to them, sometimes i can’t.

But all of you feedback is very comprehensible.

Totally agreed, even from a more experienced players standpoint i can support that.

Also agreed, the overall graphic style is very welcome, but some details are not that good currently, but the devs already improved alot of the “older” models/areas over time, so i am sure at some points everything will eventually get an overhaul.

Regarding your “Solo Challenge”: I never did actually tryed to remove the solo challenge from a given character, but what you describe could be communicated before creating a solo char more clearly.
Maybe when you “tick” solo, when creating a char you will get an additional “pop-up” that you need to confirm with more detailed informations what exactly you are in for.
Same goes for all the other optional challenges.

Yep, optimization and general performance is kinda unstable in certain areas, but that is something that got improved massively already over the last couple of major patches and i am pretty certain this will be improved even further.

Great feedback overall! :smiling_imp:

There are some potential issues with the save game files which aren’t entirely clear. I was stuck in a meeting one day and tried to play on my Mac, which inadvertently deleted my entire stash, but left my characters all intact. Not a big deal, but now I periodically backup the save file directory just in case.

I believe in the long run the intent(?) is to have character info saved server side for multiplayer and maybe cross platform play (this is just conjecture). For pure offline single player I presume the current system of having save files stored on your computer would stay the same?

If you are using steam always keep steam cloud on (this will backup your data to steam cloud). As for multiplayer characters will be saved server side however single player will still be stored locally.

The point @AgentKire1987 is referring to (losing stash after converting solo challenge to normal) is not a bug. This is intended and you get a small message if you do it.

@AgentKire1987 I’m Sorry man. I was the one who told you that you could end the solo challenge. Should’ve earned you, but admittedly I had forgotten about it :sweat_smile: