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My files were freakishly deleted, had a question

Freakishly my files were deleted by my cat walking on my on keyboard. I have no idea. Had to redownload the game. But my question is, will this cause me to lose my character info? I’ve read that is stored in the registry so it should be ok right? Thank you.

Some things I would check in this situation include;

  • Are the files in the Windows Recycle Bin (or other Operating System’s equivalent) ?
  • Could your anti-virus software have quarantined or deleted the game’s files?
    • The program likely has somewhere you can review recent activity.
    • Additionally, it should be possible to check which files - if any - are quarantined.
  • We have a support article which may be useful if you play through Steam.

If the game truly was removed due to your cat’s actions, we unfortunately cannot speculate on what may or may not have been deleted as we don’t have enough information to do so.

I can confirm that on Windows Operating Systems the save data is stored within the Windows Registry. It would be expected to survive ordinary file deletion - but if the game was uninstalled then it is possible that associated registry keys would have been deleted.

It is possible that using a restore point would reverse what happened. It may be worth reviewing which restore points exist, how old the most recently created one is, and considering which other software on your computer would be affected.

Thank you. It wasn’t fully uninstalled just the folder was manually deleted and believe or not also the recycling bin/trash. Crazy sounding I know. I’m moving my keyboard from the desk from now on or locking the windows screen:P

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Should be fine, so! :slight_smile:

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