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My build causes huge lag

hello, ive been running with a necromacer build than can very easily summon minions, i usually end up having 30-70 minions following me at all times

its a sacrifice build, which ive specialized to summon blood wraiths and chain, meaning i can blow up all my minions and resummon some of them back, my secondary skill is normal wraiths specialized to summon large amounts of them very quickly along with a passive which generates putrid wraiths on minion death to add to my minion count

anyway it sound fun as hell and it is… but whenever i stack up huge numbers of minions the game gets crazy lag, both fps and input lag, and particularly when i have them attack monsters and rack up huge amounts of hits per second, is this to be expected since
the game is calculating for a huge number of independent units? will this be fixed or changed in some way?

also whenever i pop them with sacrifice the game basically freezes for around 0.5-1 seconds, this is more understandable as im instantly killing 30-70 units at once and resummong back around half that number while dealing 30-70 instances of damage to any enemy monster nearby, all in one go but i didn’t expect the lag to be this huge.

Gonna respond to you here and not in the other thread. Does this happen after some time or is it that bad when you start the game? I’m experiencing similar issues, but that was after playing some hours with my Lich character, it was the ship level and the game turned unplayable. I saw someone mention it might be a memory leak issue?
After seeing your video I just thought it must be absolut hell optimizing this game, so I hope it will turn out fine in the end. Might take some time, though.

its kinda inconsistent but sometimes it lags as soon i start summoning, but maybe thats just a loading hiccup or something and they need to optimize the game, the thing is i play another character(sentinel) and i dont really lag with it when starting and doing long runs of game play(played from 1-25 memories conquered)

mostly though when i stack up my minions i get input lag(character starts moving in place, commands take half a second to happen etc.) and sacrifice will always cause fps lag if pop more than 20 minions more than 50 and there is a 50% chance the game crashes.

EDIT: here is an error and output log of my latest crash from popping a bunch of minions for any devs watching.
error.log (55.0 KB)
output_log.txt (355.4 KB)

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I am having the same problems. My game will crash sometimes if I try to sacrifice ~30+ minions. If it doesn’t crash I get a huge spike in input/fps lag. I’m running the game at 1440p on an i7 4790k, GTX 1070, I have 16 gigs of ram, and this game is installed on an SSD. I generally don’t get any fps drops or lags in games. I understand this is still being optimized, but it’s hard to have fun playing an AoE spec when you can’t really AoE effectively.

hello, i reported this a while ago on technical support but it never got a response
as a summary, im running a build which uses sacrifice and summon wraiths as the main skills they are specialized to generate large armounts of minions, i can easily reach 30 and max out at around 70

build is cool with lots of synergy and i think will be able to push the highest level content, but it causes massive lag(as outlined on my linked post) and has crashed the game occasionally making it unplayable at worst and a nightmare at best

EDIT: here is a short clip demonstrating what happens when i use sacrifice

at the beginning i had around 60 minions but i let the blood wraiths die out so i could record the video and not lag to bits.

graphically everything is set very low - medium and my resolution was set to 1280 x 720
if i pop a medium amount (50ish minions) the game freezes for 5-10 seconds or crashes

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Try switch game on fullScreen then restart client, be sur to change your resolution even if it looks the correct one, cause sometimes it changes on Restart, im able to put almost everything in max, since i switched to fullScreen :slight_smile:

trust me ive tried everything including what youve said, it lags regardless
i play with another build on high settings with full screen and native resolution(1920 x 1080) and it doest produce lag like this

as a side note my specs are kinda bad 950GTX i7440k and 8gb ram
but i can run lots of games fine on medium - high settings, including this one, its just this build that blows up the game.

bump, devs are around right?
i think this really needs to be looked into…

might make a build guide to see if anyone gets the same results as me.

I’m sure devs has a lot of things to look into atm :slight_smile:
I don’t think that, devs not answering on your post for 10 hours mean that they’re ignoring you. There’s alot of us that are having lag issues with different stuff like skills, textures etc.

Just post in bug reports and be patient mate, that’s why we’re beta testing the game :slight_smile:

they didnt answer my other post linked in the thread for a week lol
i made this thread since posts in GD get visiblity, posts in technical support dont get seen at the top of the forums, if it gets ignored might aswell make a build guide and see if anyone tries it out and fries their game lol

thanks for bump :kissing:

I’m not trying to be a douchebag or anything, i’m just trying to say posting bug reports and lag issues in the general forum might not be where devs prioritize looking.

Just a simple video and or description of the issue in the Bug Report section, and i’m sure they’ll come up with a fix along with many others in a near bugfix patch :slight_smile:

we chill lol

i actually cant record a proper video for this thats shows exactly how laggy it can get
since the lag itself can get really severe and it ends up desyncing my recording software lol
and the recording software itself adds a bit of lag so my videos just rip into oblivion whenever i try

Well, yeah.
I understand that really suck alot :confused:

Let’s just cross our fingers they’ll fix it sooner than later! :))

I would like to try this, if you don’t mind posting a short guide.

Yes Id like to try your build if you could post a guide somewhere.

made it in the acolyte section

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