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My bugs found, thoughts on classes

Bug 1: I’ve got two unique items equiped
Bug 2: Barrels, enemies spawning inside the void areas, impossible to interact with
Bug 3: sometimes my skill trees reset for some reason (seems to be when it’s new).

Class thoughts:
OK, but stances need work (e.g. there are two ‘void’ specific stances and only jugg stance for other two, which doesn’t help if you want to be more offensive)

No utility until you get into class specific, it’s all just attacks (I can only attack in so many ways).

number of companions is awkward e.g. if I’m a beastmaster, you’re almost forced to take wolf just to meet the companion max #. Little incentive to use multiple beasts e.g. I can use 1 slot for wolves and have pets maxxed, or use wolves, cat, bear, scorp, and dino to same effect.

Class has no utility skills outside entangling roots

You almost have to play a werebear decked out to not take damage if you’re playing a druid.


Ward needs fixing (either too powerful or too weak). I’d even say give sorc more ward options as spellblade seems to have all the good ones.


Just opinion here but seems both weaker and more fun at the same time. ward is worse than mage, no other health bumps, relies on the leeching but most of that is later. Gets popped by hard hits really easy, little you can do about it.

Primal and Acolyte:
Specifically with pets, is there any way you can play with pets and not hyper-specialize? E.g. if I’m a necromancer and get all the +pet options my pets will be great, and if I’m lich and get the pet options they’ll be OK. This makes it not in my best interest to use pets as a lich, which kills some of the skill tree ideas e.g. some of the skills that buffs pets with undead harvest on Harvest, as a necromancer likely doesn’t want melee, and a lich likely doesn’t want pets. Also see Shaman, which is in a similar boat with its totem (it wants to bump +pet stuff, but that makes skills like tornado less useful, plus if I want to do a melee shaman it starts to get awkward again).

Almost no defensive options in passive trees outside of block (sent only) or vitality (usually only one node per class).

Just my thoughts, do with it as you will. Contact me if you need anything.

It’s no bug with the uniques. A dev said in the past that it’s inteded that you can wear 2 of the same uniques.

But then it’s not “unique” anymore… :scream:

This post contains many inaccurate statements, to name 2 : ward on aco is way stronger than on mage and there are a lot of protection passives, for example paladin has crit avoidance and divine essences(30% all prots is quite strong), Forge guard has ring of shield proc passive which is very strong , druid has +150-200% all protections-insane, shaman has +50 all prots per totem-very op, mage and aco have huge amount of int or ward retention

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Perhaps later, with broken skills (see lizard’s post; note that I was curious how to play poison before I read that :smiley: ), then yes. I’m not talking a power-gaming lvl 100 build, I’m talking lvls 1-30 say, maybe a little higher (1-50?), but more a not-power-gaming not-end-game not-twinked build.

My original comment:
“No utility until you get into class specific, it’s all just attacks (I can only attack in so many ways).”

Your comment is all class specifics. I’m not saying I’m right and your wrong, but your point just explains mine. Yes, paladin and forge guard get wonderful stuff, no argument. I’m not talking about paladin and forge guard skills, I’m talking sentinel.

Look at the skills for sent:
Vengeance (attack)
Hammer Throw (ranged attack)
Warpath (attack)
Lunge (move and attack, sent’s “utility”)
Rive (attack)
Manifest weapon (???, could be utility)
eph stance (offensive buff, but does nothing for most forge guard or pally)
jugg stance (defensive buff, but do you want the -15% speed? maybe in arena but not lvling)
Rebuke (attack)
Shield rush (see Lunge, with a shield, sort of)
Shield throw (see "Hammer throw, with a shield, sort of)

Just saying that’s a lot of attacks.

What druid skills get you +150-200%? This might be on me as I call “skills” anything you can specialize e.g. werebear form, and “attributes” as anything on the passive trees e.g. blood claws, which some will use to fuel wearbear (the skill). That leaves us with wearbear, which I already implied that most if not all druids have to or will use, leaving us with spriggan, and spriggan form. which one of these skills gets you +150-200% protections?

Yes, prot totems are very good. It’s also not a skill (well, totem is…) but I’m assuming you are referring to protective circle, an attribute (not a skill), which yes is nice, plus later down the tree. Again, I’m not referring to everything in an end-game context, but getting there.

Yes, it’s great, no argument. Name me another defensive shaman node you love and bee-line towards. Rejuv maybe? Ancient stones for some stun avoidance? Wind Bringer for some dodge?

Let me put it a different way; would you ever play a shaman with no totems, giving up protective circle and the, what, +500 to all but physical damage protection with all your totems on the ground? If it’s that “OP”, isn’t that part of the problem that testing is supposed to fix?

I don’t argue mage off the bat; with flame ward and some ward retention you’re not getting hurt easily, hence my comment “Ward needs fixing (either too powerful or too weak)”. Yes, it can be huge for a lvl 10-ish. No argument. At level 10, what does acolyte get? They get good stuff, plus as I said I think acolyte is hugely fun, but acolyte gets nothing that competes with flame ward and the lvl 15-20 +10% ward retention mages get, which was my point. At least at low levels (again, yes, lizard has shown that at high levels acolytes are uber, no argument).

Following on your comment and mine, also note that I said “Almost no defensive options in passive trees outside of block or vitality”. Yes, maybe I should have say most classes get one nice thing; paladin’s get the crit and glancing, spellblades get their uber-ward, shamans get the +50 prot. It’s also one selection on the tree (hence the almost no defensive options and not no defensive options). If you count all the different attribute nodes on all the trees, and catagorize them as “mostly offensive” or “mostly defensive”, depending on intent (some might have a small defensive buff for example but the offensive buff is the reason you want the node; see most of your attribute nodes for example), I’d wager most nodes are “offensive” in nature as opposed to “defensive”, which was my point. Not quality, but quantity.

(side question: how do you get bold to work?)

the druid has on crit passive that gives +150% all prot for 4 sec after crit hit, on top half of passive tree, and +50% all prot if 1 companion.

As for general i misunderstood and thought that you meant like game in general not general passive trees, and imho they they shouldnt have too much protections, having some vit or att is already good.

For shaman without totem, i agree they need to add defensive option to each tree, and nerf some classes(like dudu) but many classes are in ok state in term of defenses, its just unbalanced overall, some classes have way more than others. so they need either nerf strongest or buff weakest. Overall shaman is very bad now imho, unless you go for 20+ totems sprigan avalanch.

As for aco vs mage aco doesnt need any gear , and can build up huge ward very fast , for early game you can abuse rip blood with minion hit and ward conversion, wil get you to a solid 10k+ ward, and later switch to soul feast or use both

Also if we are talking about utility for sentinel, you have rebuke and lunge, both are insanely strong defensively. Vengence with 3 counter attacks is a must for any melee build in my opinion cause
a) its the most defenses you can get from any skill and all you need is just to use it every 2 seconds in between your main attakck skill
b)free void orbs and 100% damage increase buff, awesome.

even tho all of those skills are attacks doesnt mean they arent utility, morevover i would say they are more utility than attacks itself.

And i just dont see a point of talking about sentinel in general, leveling to mastery takes just a bit of hours and there is no problem doing it on sentinel right now , after that you can get all utility things from all classes, like for 5 pts you get ring of shields from FG which makes you almost immortal in campaign

Phew… I can’t get confortable with this skill. Also implementing an attack every 2 seconds in your skill rotation may be very effective, but also sounds like stress :sweat_smile:

more effort=more rewards. Imo its very good that they have skill that can be used like that. In the end its not a cookie cutter game :slight_smile:

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