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It’s not a bad start, by restricting trades to mediocre items, their value will lessen the incentive to buy them with real money. At the same time, when you won’t be able to trade legendaries this comes at the cost of frustration, when you search for a specific legendary for ages, and only find ones that you don’t need.

Apart from that one loophole concerning RMT is obviously that you can buy gold for RMT, by placing a common item in the bazaar for 2 million gold, and the gold seller buys that from you, giving you the gold that way.

It’s a slippery slope, and when in doubt, I’ll always tend towards freedom of trade, and whoever thinks they need to buy stuff for RMT shall do so, I won’t.
(Depending if all legendaries will have the same rarity, you could include a legendary for legendary trade. You can’t buy a legendary for gold, but if you have one, you can offer it against another legendary. Maybe even restrict each legendary to only be tradeable once, so that it leaves the economy as soon at it was traded.)


Top tier items will be tradable through the bazaar. Some things people do to crafting those items could cause them to become untradable. For example, a crafting glyph could be 100% success chance but binds the item to you so it’s no longer tradable. (This isn’t implemented yet but it’s a general example)

Selling crazy cheap items for ultra high value will give a percentage to the bazaar itself, thus helping with inflation and repeatedly doing this may be cause for warnings. I say may because we haven’t set out specific guidelines as to what behavior is OK and what is not. We would be more interested in restricting the RMT gold sellers than the players interacting with those systems.

Because we want to foster a competitive scene we would like to keep RMT as rare as possible.

As for the legendaries, not uniques, most legendaries will not be tradable and yea it sucks to pick up one that you don’t need or want. We do have a plan for them to still be very useful. I don’t want to give too much away about that system because it’s still very early and could change but we do have a great plan for that.


I said legendaries very deliberately :wink:

I’m fine with everything that restricts or lessens RMT, it’s just that so many companies tried so often to get rid of them, None succeeded, and in the end all that was left was RMT still being a Thing but legit Players had to deal with strangest of restrictions because of it. I just hope that you don’t spend too much time on such Things, it’s basically the same as copy protections.


For sure, we know we can’t get rid of it completely and we aren’t going to try. The primary goal is to have the game be fun and engaging for the players.