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Multiplayer Parties

No idea what your plans are already for setting up parties invitations when online MP comes, but can we please make it as simple as just

/invite accountusername
ex. Type in the chat box
/invite boardman21
/boot boardman21
/leave (leaves party)

I dont remember D3 exactly cause its been about 5 years since i touched it, but i remember you had to click on there name then out of the options hit invite player which means you had to have them on a friends list or see them chat recently it wasn’t as easy as it should of been, maybe there was a chat shortcut idr.

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I’d like to have easier: Rightclick on username: Invite (whisper/block/…)

Also topic related chat rooms would be nice:

  • General
  • Help
  • Groupsearch
  • Trade
  • Guild
  • Group
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You should be able to have both chat commands & a right-click functionality…

With this solution I could live in peace :grin:

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