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Mr and Mrs Spriggan - 1 button build

Wanted to make a build that was as simple and easy as possible, and it turned out pretty well imo. (im no pro youtuber, so dont expect much from the video :slight_smile: )

Its simply put a Spriggan using only 1 button to spam Vines, and still capable of full Monolith (i didnt finish the last Emperor because i was too slow to move, and havent tried him second time, but im quite sure most of you will be able to do it)

I didnt show the totem or entangling root in the skilltree as i dont even use it for this build, but if theres any questions ill be happy to answer them.

And btw the biggest advantage of this build is you can drink coffee non stop while playing as you never have to use you left hand :grinning:


Doesn’t make sense if you only show 3 out of 5 skills how skilled they are

Wish Vines visually didn’t look so lame. Cool video tho.

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I only use 3 skills in this build, as the last 2 (entangling and totem) doesnt benefit anything in this build (and neither would any other). They were just leveled as i thought from beginning i would use them.

@KissingAuir Thanks, ye wish they had better animations (and i wouldnt recommend using this in arena as ones eyes is gonna hurt from all the white flashes when monster density is high :worried:)

I’m using the same build. Mine differs a little though. Using 2 wolves now (Was using 3 of them) for distraction and the one summon spriggen. I just started playing about a week ago, so, I’m not that far ahead as you are. I’m currently trying to craft more defensive gear to offset my minion damage output.

It is truly a one-button build. However, I’m not using the Razor Vines node due to the fact the node switches the vines from melee physical to spell physical. I would have to redo a bunch of my gear, and I honestly like the Minion melee attack speed on my idols. Faster poison!

Yes the melee/poison vine build with wolves works too, but as you pointed out it differs quite a bit from this one tho, because I use the 2 passives that only allows me 1 companion, so i dont have to gear minion defensives (even tho spriggan does die in higher levels, but its not that vital), and it gives me some protections too.
Also you will have to change the passives and gear that gives minion spell damage, as the normal vines dont benefit from this.

I think both Boardman21 and Thyworm has made some melee/poison vine builds that probably would benefit your build better than this :wink:

Yea. I’ve seen Boardman21 vid. It’s solid. I’m still debating on whether to just go with one minion (Sprigg), and use the Razor node. Then just redo the passives for more defensive. I might have enough Spell Physical gear to make it work. Otherwise, I’ll just keep grinding for more gear and then switch over.

I saw in the video that you get mana in spriggan form. how does it work?

That is the unique belt “Legacy of the quiet forest” a level 50 item with 10-15 mana regain pr 3 second.

Ah ok THX

Nice concept, if you really wanted to make use of entangling roots, its not 100% reliable rng, but you can proc entangling roots tree from the path of ettera unique boots while still in spriggan form.,

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Thanks, ye i did try to test them a bit, but im quite sure they dont make use of my skilled entangling roots and only use normal roots (im not 100% sure on this tho), and my current boots give me 10% dodge and makes me GB capped.

Appreciate the suggestion tho :wink:

it does make use of the tree, and its just more of a meme thing anyways, not a reliable end game set up by any means :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah yes you are correct, just tried them again, guess i must have been asleep last time i tried. And ye not really reliable, buut im gonna try play a bit with them now, more roots is always nice heh

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So when should we expect baby Spriggan

Well not until Mrs Spriggan starts being faithful to me.

Sometimes if i run too fast through a mono she dissapears for a while and suddenly comes back whistling like nothing happened…but i KNOW shes been cheating with that 1 mob i didnt kill :thinking:

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Yes, minions really need a ‘leash’ trigger.

Spriggan is the worst for it as she does a projectile attack she seems to stand away firing and the mobs don’t attack her (as you are very far away and she will very slowly kill them and return to you)

only way to quickly fix is to hit ‘A’ and tell her to attack something near you

Just wondering, isnt it getting boring real fast to press 1 button?
I usually prefer a few more to prefend burn out and boredom. Iam not trying to be rude btw, i really wondering.

Beside that nice video and i instantly thought “iam groot” xD

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Yep it sure can get boring, i play alot of chars, so i mostly just made it to have a build i could relax and farm gold with.
It sure looks like Groot´s, and it would be soo awesome if Mrs Spriggan could spawn baby Groots (like the scorpion minion that spawns babys) that punched out long tentacles :grinning:

@Shrukn Ye i know, was just trying to be funny in reply to BladeAndShadow :wink: