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Moving with mouse cursor on pillar

Firstly, apologies if written somewhere else. I couldn’t figure out how to find it.
Now the problem - attempting to move with a pillar under the cursor attempts to take you to that pillar. As far as I know you aren’t able to climb pillars so why is it trying to move that direction instead of sticking to the ground? This has happened mid combat more than enough times for it to actually start to annoy me so please let me know if you intend to keep it so I train my monkey brain around it or if you will make pillars(or any non-ground/walkable surfaces) not interact with movement commands. Thank you.

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Experiencing this same issue along with other aspects of mouse targeting. Hopefully these mouse-related targeting issues will get sorted soon. fingers crossed

What zone is this in? For the most part objects that can get between the player and the camera can’t be clicked on but there are some that we need to fix manually.

If you find this kind of issue in other places, screenshots are very helpful! There isn’t a great way to fix all of the exceptions at once so knowing where to look helps out.

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I’ll post exact location next time I encounter it. In the meanwhile, is there a master thread to post specifically these or should I just add here as I find (if I find any more)

I am almost certain it is the Flooded Cavern zone (Ruined Era.)

Pillar in The Last Archive

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