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Moving with melee attacks + trapped inside terrain in Forsaken Trail

Hello! I’m still brand new to the game, just getting started. It’s great so far, there’s a lot of potential here! A few observations:

  • I feel awkward with melee attacks such as ‘Attack’, ‘Vengeance’, and ‘Rive’ not moving the character when clicked on empty ground. I play a lot of ARPGs and it feels really awkward to need both a left and right mouse button to walk and attack respectively.

  • The setting “move to melee attack enemies that are out of range” also isn’t working consistently. I feel like the “hitbox” on enemies is too small, and/or I need to click a very specific part of the enemy for it to work. Half the time I don’t actually move, I just stand still swinging at empty air.

  • Just now some combination of these two enemies + Lunge + Shield Rush put me behind this fence in a sectioned-off part of the map in The Forsaken Trail. There’s no way for me to walk back out:


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