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Move/Skill buttons are 'wrong'

by wrong i mean theyre not the way path of exile, diablo 3, torchlight 2, grim dawn etc work, which is a standard for the genre and incredibly awful feeling when you play an arpg that suddenly doesnt allow you to control your character the way essentially every other game in the genre that matters does. Its bad enough that when I log into an arpg that doesnt allow me to control my character the way all the main arpgs do i just want to uninstall immediately.

the way I play I have a force move key bound on my keyboard that I use for most of my moving around, and then I have skills on my left and right mouse buttons. The game lets me do this, however when I have a skill on my left mouse button the left mouse stops working as a click to move or open chest etc button and can only be used to trigger that skill.

all those other games if you have a skill on your mouse 1 it doesnt stop it being a click to move etc button, it just means when u namelock a creature or hold down ur shift to force stand still it then uses the skill you have assigned to it, but otherwise operates as click to move or interact mouse 1 button.

every other arpg follows this control method, theyve set a standard for how arpg controls work and i cant really play a game that doesnt work the way this genre works, its so jarring.

You have 5 skill slots to use and a button, normaly left click, to open stuff and interact and so on and so forth. If you try to get a seixth skill in there you destroy the games system by yourself. My leftclick is for walking, interacting and breaking objects only and I’m fine with it. Sure other games handle this different you are right and if this isn’t your cup of tea I’m sorry but it seems like the devs want it that way.

On the other side they changed their whole resistence system so maybe they change this in the future as well… who knows?

every other game in this genre has the same control method, its not other games handling it differently like its some loot mechanic that everyone has their own spin on. its a lack of functionality, its not a case of wanting it to work this way. who are you to presume what the devs want and tell me sorry but thats how its supposed to be?

if you have force move exclusively on your mouse 1 on those other games their controls work the same as they do here, its not like those other games have a different control method than this game, they all have a control method that can do exactly what this game does, but their control method can also do other things that are lacking in this game. these other things are a standard for how arpg controls work in this genre, if you dont provide that you just make your game feel like crap for a section of players whove spent decades at this point using a specific form of controls across all games in the genre.

wolcen didnt provide this at first, and then had to change their game to provide it after launch because people complained. i dont think it had anything to do with them wanting their game to work that way, it was because they personally used the standard arpg controls one way and didnt appreciate that a significant amount of other people didnt because they were a small indie studio and thats the kind of thing small indie studios miss, and then find out through feedback on their forums. so keep your sorry and telling me what the devs want, this is my feedback to them and if this game is ever going from here to a widely successful arpg this is not the last time they will encounter people saying this.

Hey, welcome to the forum… sorry an obviously irritating frustration got you here…

Having played all the games you mention for thousands of hours I understand exactly what you are saying and I too experienced a momentary hiccup when i first played the game.

However, I do not agree with your “every other game does it that way so why doesnt LE” (paraphrased if you will excuse me). It took me less than 10 minutes to get comfortable with it and I had no issue… I even tried the Move to Melee setting to see if that worked better but honestly I just switched it off and used the input the way the game is designed.

So yes. I get your frustration and I understand. I just dont think its a big deal. I have played hundreds of games in my lifetime and have experienced some really crappy keyboard mappings and inputs (LE is not bad I assure you & dont get me started on game controllers) but its just something you either accept and get used to and enjoy the game or you find something else to do.

Its obvious from the tone of your post that you are probably a bit too annoyed to give it another go so I would suggest you leave it and come back when it launches and see if there is more customisation for the controls to suit you.

It really is a great game if you give it a chance.

Yeah, the controls are a bit different. You’re not the first who addresses this and you won’t be the last. Only it seems that it is more of an issue for you than for most of the other players that post here.

From my experience most people adapt to new controls very fast. What feels clunky or weird for the first hour feels as if it was always like this after an hour or two. Maybe it’s the same for you. If you abandon this game because of controls you might miss a very fun experience. It’s up to you if you think this is worth it.

But no need to be unpleasant to people answering to your posts.


I understand what you say. I also played the games you mentioned a lot.
Path of exile still btw for 1000+s hours.

I dont have any problems with the controls in LE. I play them both on and off.
Give it some time and i hope you get used to it.

i played the game for a few hours a while back and i never got used to the controls, it felt horrible the whole time and in the end i stopped playing. I came back to the game a few days ago and tried again, the controls feel terrible and my default melee attack doesnt connect with mobs, some kind of bug i cant hit monsters. so after about 30 seconds of playing with controls that feel completely wrong and my starting attack bugged in my mind i just said “this is borderline unplayable garbage” and shut it down.

now the question for the devs is do they want that to be the experience some players are going to have or do they just want to expand how their controls work so they fit the expectations of the genre?

Im old enough that I owned diablo 1 when it first came out, d2, d3, torchlight, poe, grim dawn… in the last 15 years Ive played well in excess of 5000 hours of D3, well over 10,000 hours of path of exile (probably closer to 15k by now), Ive played a fair amount of grim dawn and torchlight 2… whos the market for this game? Im a hardcore arpg addict whos played over 20,000 hours of arpgs in the last 15 years and will play a game for 1000s of hours, buy all the expansions… but Ive played those 20,000+ hours with 1 set of controls that every game in the genre provides and this game doesnt.

youre not going to undo 20,000 hours of being used to 1 set of controls, ever. Ive been assured this is a good game with lots of cool loot and build mechanics. ok, but if i cant enjoy actually playing the game because the controls are incomplete then no, i will not stick around to find this out.

first person shooters, wasd fire on the mouse buttons and look around with the mouse, for some reason change that and say my move forward key is now mouse 1 and W shoots my gun, and i cant change it. nope, just not gonna play that game. been playing fps games since wolfenstien 3d before doom even came out, since quake theres been a standard for mouse and keyboard controls on fps games and everyone sticks to it because why change? why alienate players for no reason? no one changes it because the reason its the default control method thats lasted decades and been used in every notable game in the entire genre is because it works. you want your game to be new and challenging, you dont want controlling your game to be new and challenging, thats just pointlessly frustrating players.

While I share a similar lifetime of experience in games, I dont agree with the obvious extreme feelings that you have with the controls in this game. As I said, they bugged me for less than an hour and I have not looked back since.

Because of my experience with this game I do not agre that they are alienating players for no reason. I do not agree that a game should not attempt to improve on controls or adjust age old controls to the way that they feel would be suited to their own game. I do not agree in keeping a control method decades old just because other games have followed suit - there are always improvements to be made, sometimes a stumble, sometimes a success story - its the nature of evolution and technology. If this were not the case we would all be using Atari joysticks.

Each to their own opinion. Imho, yours are obviously very extreme but you are 100% entitled to feel this way… same as I am 100% entitled to disagree and feel entirely the opposite. Your feedback is as valuable as mine & everyone else that posts on this forum and were I, the developers of the game, I would evaluate how hard it would be to include more key input customisation to accomodate your needs (and potentially others) and make a decision on that.

Play, don’t play… As with everything in life, its up to you.

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I prefer that system than the one of D3. You cant compare with PoE or GD cause they don’t have a limit on skills you can have in your bar. In those games you can choose in which way you want to use your keys. So it comes down to either D3 way or LE way. I am a casual player and I usually use mouse only. So it bothers me if I have to use another key to force movement. It was one of the reasons I disliked D3 gameplay. Ofc that is a personal preference and I don’t speak in the name of some large majority of players that feel the same way and would be “alienated” from the game if that was about to change. It would also be helpful if you turned the topic into a poll.

I must admit, I had to read the first post a couple of times to get it. Personally, I dislike having an attack/skill on my LMB because if I wanted to move & my mouse went over a target the game would assume that I wanted to use the skill (like LE does at the moment with portals if you’re too close when you mouse over them & have your LMB pressed).

I don’t think you can really say that “every other game in the genre has the same control method” if it’s possible for the player to not use that method. But I get that it would feel jarring & more control methods (like this) should be implemented, though IMO they need to get the “move into range” working properly (which may have been the the source of your “borderline unplayable garbage” feelings).