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Mouse pointer please help

i dont know if its just me or what but playing on a 4k monitor with HDR enabled it makes finding the cursor almost impossible to find on some maps i am constantly casting a spell to find the cursor. could we add a way to either change the color or make it slightly larger. I know this pairs into windows for the mouse size ect. but at least allow me to make it like Purple or something so i can find the dang thing. thanks for your time


have you tried a program called yolo mouse it is a mouse pointer program that works with a lot of different game formats


I would strongly agree with you. I don’t play on a 4k monitor, but even when I play on FullHD display it is really hard to find the cursor. on some maps. I think at least the cursor should be bigger and may be darker.

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Thanks for the feedback!

I’ll speak with the team about the potential for adding some interface options to customize the mouse pointer - both in terms of size and in terms of colour. This might not be something we find the time to work on until closer to the game’s release, so I’d be inclined to second @DYSFUNCTYNAL’s recommendation to try using YoloMouse.

I can also confirm that this isn’t - and assuming the functionality doesn’t change, never will be - considered a violation of the Terms of Use. We recognize that there are many legitimate reasons why someone would wish to customzie the mouse cursor, and we are content for players to do so either through in-game options provided in future, or external means of doing so.


just to say i’m agree , i sometime have hard time find where i’m pointing the mouse cursor aswell and on any of the resolution i try the game , 1440 , 1600, 1920x

I do often have the same problem 3440x1440p I do think enlarging the mouse by 200-300% should alleviate most of the lost mouse problem

Thank you for the continued feedback. :+1:

We haven’t had an opportunity to discuss this yet, but it is on our radar.

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I just wanted to drop in to provide a quick update. We have been working on updates to the mouse cursor to address visibility concerns, however these changes were not scheduled to be part of Patch 0.7.3 and are thus unlikely to be finished prior to that patch being released.

Thanks again for the feedback!

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