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Most Tanky Of Tanks Werebear (Build Link)

Wave 400+ Werebear thorn/healing totem using spriggan tree Massive healing/regen Makes this the most tanky of tanks in the game :slight_smile:


I liked the first intro better tbh :slight_smile:

The voice or the words? Some didnt like that it was hard to understand. :frowning:

Waaait a second :D. You can procc Spriggan Form nodes in Werebear Form? Is this intended? None the less nice build!

idk if its intended but it works lol and i love it. Thanks!

Both really. If you cut the first down by 10 seconds I felt it would’ve been great. Longer than most intros but it sounded really cool!

looks like ill be redoing my intro once again :slight_smile: yeah im thinking about doing a fan made trailer for new players in that voice that shows whats in the game and gets em to play :slight_smile:

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Would this build still work with 0.7.7E ?

I honestly havent tried it again since the new patch, but taking advantage of the in and out of form passives in the tree this build probably still works although i think just staying in werebear form is better but using spell damage for damage could make it viable. ill mess aroudn with it again soon.

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Have you time to try it again and see if it is viable?

Its not nearly as effective as it was. With roots getting hit it no longer puts you inside 3 patches so healing is less. Spriggan tree healing totems only works in spriggan form so thats nerfed as well. And to do better damage getting spell damage is now better. I will do an updated video soon.

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ok,thanks for the reply, will the updated build (with spell damage) be also tanky?
To explain what i look is a melee werebear build with 1 or preferable no companion where i almost stay in one place taking all the damage (tank) without stress :wink:

oh yes just as tanky, but will do closer to 1500 damage crits. @Skurge Its his werebear that inspired me. (i hope i tagged the right skurge)

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Your 100% werebear uptime build is good Board - its what im using - only uses 1 companion - a bear.

Nice, looking forward to see and use that updated build!!

As i am already lvl 49 and want to start using werebear form …

Bakau, you continue to use spriggan form, swipe, entangling roots, summon thorn totem and werebear form?
And have you changed something inside the trees?

I use Werebear Form, Swipe, Ent Roots, Summon Bear and Ice Thorns

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Isn’t the spriggan better for the built in resis and the dmg buff?

spriggan form or the spriggan summon?

The summon. Spriggan form is pointless since they fixed the proccs.