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Most of the contents of stash deleted

Earlier today, I had a very full stash:

  • First tab: One of each unique armor
  • Second tab: Full copies of both sets, plus one of each unique weapon
  • Third tab: Whole bunch of arena keys
  • Fourth tab: Crafting bases I’ve been meaning to work on
  • Fifth tab: Stuff I need to shatter
  • Sixth tab: Leveling gear, items I’ve been wearing recently that I might switch back to

As of just now, nearly all of these items are gone. This is now the complete contents of my stash:

(The other five tabs are now completely empty. This tab also previously included several additional body armors, gloves, boots, tomes, etc.)

Just before this, I experienced a load screen crash; this is the only thing I can think of that might have caused it.

My character’s equipped items and banked glyphs/affix shards are unaffected.

This, uh…sucks. Obviously it’s pretty demoralizing to have all your stuff deleted, after farming for it. It’s also concerning that this can happen at all - definitely not something that can still be a possibility on release. Might be worth looking into how stash data is accessed during load to make sure it’s in an appropriately read-only way.

Dropbox link for the log file of my current session (when I noticed my items were missing): (file’s too big to upload)

Log file of the crash is in the separate bug report linked above.

Hey there, AS00. Very sorry to hear this, I know it’s very frustrating. Unfortunately once the current system has experienced an issue like we are unable to revert it to a previous state.

We are currently reworking our inventory code from the ground up (nearly complete) that will make the game much less susceptible to issues like this. It will also finally allow you to pick up and drag items around.

Again, apologies for the inconvenience and we sincerely thank you for these reports. They truly are very helpful.

Thanks for the update! Yeah, I figured it probably wouldn’t be possible to restore any of my stuff; that ship has sailed. Glad to hear you’re already looking into making the inventory system more robust to this kind of thing. Guess this is why we beta test :slight_smile:

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