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Most ambitious idea ever thought of to help improve this game

ok so people, devs
I have a very ambitious idea
for this game
Is it possible to make custom unique game masks during this covid crisis, more and more people of various cities around the united states(including my own) will now be required to wear masks in public, and I want a strong sense of identity in public, I would like to rock a last epoch mask, I’m willing to pay upwards of $500 dollars or more for a custom mask to wear, so please consider this
i’d much rather have that then a unique item
and i’m sure many others will as well

Lol you can’t be serious…

The COVID-19 pandemic is a crisis that has spread across the world claiming half a million lives and overwhelming the health systems in many countries. Members of our team and their loved ones have had it, and I have lost a member of my family to it.

Our hearts go out to all those affected, and we do not intend to monetise it in any way.