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More variety and higher level Necromancer's Wands

Since the release of higher level spell wands, the Necromancer’s Wands have fallen behind a lot. The only one is for level 4, and has very low stats, of course.

My suggestions are:

  • First off, higher level Necromancer wands, with higher stats in general (obvious)
  • Necro wands with increased/added minion health or increased minion health regen
  • Wands with minion flat health regen
  • Wands without the player spell damage, but 2 minion stats
  • Wands with minion movement/attack/cast speed
  • Wands with added damage types to minions
  • Wands with minion crit chance
  • Wands with minion chance to (…)
  • Wands with minion protections or armor

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