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More set shards

Would like to see more set shards and for more items than just jewelry. Such as but not limited to set attributes per equipped piece with this affix that can go on boots gloves chest and helm. +1 t1 to +5 t5 so you can get up to a maximum of +80 of 1 stat if you have all 4 t5. Would also like to see (for boots gloves chest helm)
Set critical strike avoidance
Set damage type of all damage types (ex. 5% poison damage per set item with this affix)
Set armor % increase
Set healing effectiveness
Set minion dot
Set minion healing effectiveness
Set minion health
Set minion health regen
Set minion damage

Basically a set for anything so you can really build into and synergize for what your going for. And it would be a great sacrifice to lose one of those spots to a unique or legendary but in this way you could buff legendaries and uniques and make them stronger so its a tough choice

I really like this! Vote up from me.

Having the option to use set affixes on more stats will only make the game better and more complex.

I also think they should be hard to get, so you get that GG feel when you craft an insane set of gear after a hard grind!

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Vote up from me as well, especially the better uniques part. Coming from Diablo 2 I really disliked the way PoE handled most uniques so I’m definately in favor of strong, build-enabling uniques and having to choose between what’s best not what’s the least worst.

I agree in principle, but if you’re going to be increasing poison damage even more then it needs a significant nerf to bring it closer to the other dots.

i wasnt even thinking about making poison even more powerful wink

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