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Monolith / Wave Speed Farming Fire Mage


Here’s the clear of my monolith / Wave speed farming charcter, anyone interested


Skill and Passive Tree?


I dun goofed


Think you may have replied to the wrong sub bud:)


Lmao you are indeed right, Ill edit it out. My apologies!


Looks like a fun build, care to share your skills & passives?


I’ll share when I’m home tonight, the build still in working progress for 2 more uniques


Curious as to the skills and passives as well. Looks like a fun build.


More than Skill tree Should be asking about the 2 uniques kind of mandatory for this to work, which are: Bleeding Heart Amulet and Exsanguinous Chest where this two pieces are the core of the build working together, the Amulet will continously inflicting bleeding on you and procs fireballs to be casted by your fireshield (For More sustain of this, more damage, smooth gamplay try to get all the fireball skill notes from the up part of the Fire Shield skill tree such as Searing Retaliation, Rapid Retaliation, Burning Orbs, Piercing Flames) and Exsanguinous Chest take part on this as a counter of the downside of the Amulet, I mean Counterpart the Bleeding effect by given Ward to you and making you inmune to get die for bleeding out since the “Immunity to Bleed at low life” option.
The rest of the build its just Fire damage, spell damage, cast speed(faster fireballs) and any sort of defense you might want.
Overall its a really nice build for farming, the downside of this is to get those two uniques. And there are other uniques that can inprove even more the build some like Rahyeh`s Light Will help you make your life easier by getting perma Fire Shield on you so you dont have to recast the skill everytime. Calamity Which procs even more Fireballs (On Kill) and fire damage. Soulfire Also give you more fire damage (On kill) some armour. This last 3 items are not a must but might help Although can be replace with others for more Defensive path.


Have all of those uniques, but is this build faster than spellblade or a really high dps meteor and blackhole? Just wondering, because re-specing is really painful, so don’t want to invest in a new build if it’s not a huge payoff.


This is gonna be depeding on what you would like to do with the Build, as it says on the post “Speed Farming”. So still missing alot of uniques which in future could be work together very well in terms of a balaced defensive/damage, making the build more reliable. Atm all we can to do is make use of rare items with self crafted options and balance ourselves what we need (Resistances, Armor, Dodge, Damage, Cast Speed…) whatever you feel you need and what you feel your build lacks of it.
So understanding this you must decide what do you want to do with the build if want to do Arena waves, farming Monolith or just have fun with the build with no strict goal.
If you ask me, what I believe it would be a balace path for this build, is try to get high resistances including void, necro which are really painful, get armor, HP (since the more HP you lose, the more Ward you get from your chestpiece) and what I think could give you a lot of survival and help you alot is to get High movement speed, improve your Teleport cooldown, and try to get other sources of damage for though bosses/mobs. Obviously a Skill that scales with Fire Damage as well so you can take advantage of what you already have. I dont know some like Volcanic Orb (with improved skill tree) which I love to combine with Black Hole.
By doing this you could have a nice balanced Build for what I think!
As far as SpellBlade, dunno, actually starting one today after work, so might let you know later some ideas I have in mind with it, if it works as I think.


I’m still missing the chest


looks a lot like this build:

Why would you take Exanguinous as your chest?
“Gain 15% of your missing health as ward per second”
Bleeding Heart gives you 10% leech and those fireballs will fill your health up in no time, making Exanguinous give nearly no ward.
You are better off with a well crafted chest (with max intel and other stats) as most of the time you’ll be full HP and your ward will be coming from teleporting.


he got no tripple nova dmg + just fireball autofire thats all :wink:
and keep triggering perm fireshield for the amulet proc… xD