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Monolith - spire damage

The “spires” mechanics in monoliths seems to be there to encourage players to rush through the levels in order to avoid the damage from the spires. The risk being that if you stand still for too long you’ll take damage and that bad.

The problem is that the damage done by the spires as player level increases is really low, it often misses anyway and if you do get hit then passive health regen will have you back to full health before the next spire damage come in.

If the desire is to make sure players keep moving then the damage needs to be buffed in order to make them more of a threat, or add a stacking mechanic so each hit you take means more damage the next time you get hit (so a bit like poison but not that crazy). it would encourage players to move around and actively try to avoid the damage rather than ignoring the mechanic entirely.

That’s a good point. The damage of the spires is meaningless.

What about adding cc to the spire hits:

  • Slow
  • Chill
  • Stun

And / or add debuffs:

  • Decreased Damage
  • Decreased Protections

I think this would be annoying enough to make players care about being hit.

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Ive died from spire hits… Being that it didnt help i went to the bathroom and neglected to even try dodging the hits lol.

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