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Monolith of Fate - Visual Path Choice

I find the current selection process difficult to understand. “Go to level 90, go to level 100” I would like to see the Monolith of Fate map presented when faced with a path choice.
For example, when having to choose between 2 paths, show the entire map and some type of highlighted path options to choose from. This way would make it very obvious which path is to be selected and the result of your selection. I really like the direction of this end-game component, I just think it could use some QoL polish on it. Thank you!

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Welcome to the LE Community!

Very nice suggestion.

This is the kind of feedback, Veteran player will most likely not being able to give, because at some point you are so used to the system and you don’t question the system anymore.
So it’s always nice to see new people join in and give valuable feedback!

When i think about some visulaization, that you described, the picture in my head is really straight forward and easy to read for newer players.

Btw. Nice Name :smiley: (in case that’s a reference for the singer in a Death Metal Band :smiling_imp:)

Wow. Thanks for the quick reply. I am glad you were able to decipher my suggestion. Sometimes it’s difficult to get the visuals into words. Really enjoying the game and community. Take care!

:grin: Yes, definitely a reference to the certain band you are thinking of. :skull_and_crossbones:

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As another new player, I also found the in-game explanation somewhat unclear. Or rather, it set expectations that reality didn’t quite meet. I thought each individual timeline would be structured more like a branching decision-tree, where you’d be able to take different paths and reach different outcomes depending on the choices you make. I think the basic idea behind the system is great, but the execution felt pretty bare bones, to put it politely. Looking forward to see how they’ll build on it in the future though.


I think this is a really forking good idea that should be introduced whenever they (presumably) revamp it into monolith 2.0.