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Monolith and arena issue?

Hi team,
I am playing the latest version of the beta.

  1. In the monolith quest, at first we arrive in a place empty of monters.
    Then we start to discover the map and fight some ennemis.
    We assume that the arrival place stays empty.
    But if my Sorcerer mage is using teleport once, anywhere in that map, then some ennemis are spawning once in that place that was empty of monsters.

  2. in the Arena, in we are in the bottom of a map, and the walls are not in a strait line, then the character doesn’t want to move along those walls. we have to move the character 1 or 2 steps away from that wall in order to be able to move along them.

  3. in the arena,

  • some ennemis like the tiger, they cross the screen so fast that we don’t have enough time to react.
  • some ennemis like the archers, they shoot from so far that we are dead before understanding who is there.
    My pc monitor size are resolution are quite fine, but the game should propose some zoom out in order to view ennemis from more far away, otherwise, it removes quite a bit of fun when we plays it.

This is a known bug/issue.

I wonder if this doesn’t have something to do with starting monoliths at lower levels, as I ran into this myself for the first time yesterday. I was much lower level than I normally am. Happened 100% of the time until it seemed to cross a thresh-hold then never happened again.