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Monolith and Arena drop in FPS over time

I’ve noticed that the longer I run monoliths or arenas, my FPS drops. It’s not just when mobs spawn, but also during the idle time in between waves or when I’m not pulling packs in a monolith. Has anyone else had this issue? I’ll start my run with ~60-70 fps, but by the time I get to wave 60 I’m sitting at ~40-45.

My graphics card is slightly overclocked, but is stable and doesn’t get close to overheating. I’m not sure what the problem may be.

I left the arena at wave 60 due to low fps and upon returning to town FPS jumps back up to where it was (~60).

It’s the game.

There’s a lot of performance issues for many, it’s not your PC.
For example I run certain maps such as “Burning Forest”, “Lagonian Port”, “Ruined Shrine”, and have huge FPS dips, while other areas are just fine. Certain mobs cause FPS issues, like the one-eye lazer shooter, and huge turtle. Sound tears when fighting a bunch of mobs at once, Invisible mobs, all sorts of odd scenarios. I just don’t think this game is optimized for everyone yet. Sometimes, the game runs fine, sometimes it doesn’t. Patches sometimes seem to fix, and sometimes patches seem to break.

Few examples of games I play on the fullest, and have 60fps all of the time.

  • Diablo 3
  • Grim Dawn
  • Path of Exile
  • Heroes of the Storm

I tested these games just recently to double check my PC has not gone to trash, and they ran flawlessly as they should. Hopefully within the near future they will, and probably already are looking into these issues.

Best thing to do is upload a dxdiag, for them to analyze it.

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