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Monday Bug tests! UI and Environment bugs/feedback

i was told here to put my daily notepad worth of bugs and feed back here! so this is what im doing! today i found bugs related to UI mainly but a weird environmental bug as well with lunge!
clip of bug: lunge skill through wall!

after switching character i logged back in my skill forge strike reset itself for the passive points but kept level. but i think this issue been reported before! Just letting know in case it is not!

Feed Back Section:
I think i would be great if stances among other permanent/toggle buff should be shown in top left corner! so the player knows its active without relying on the animation of the skill that sometimes get lost in screen pollution due to skills!
Also personal Feedback for the dialogue boxes at times i click on the option for a response to progress dialogue chain but instead move my character away cause highlight quick flickers. would like option to use keyboard binding to select dialogue option instead or make it a bigger mouse highlight section so people do accidentally move away and have to restart the dialogue chain!

Thanks for all your hard work you guys do! I’ll be doing my part to try provide a list of bugs and feedback daily that I find from classes or just playing the game!

Keep up the great work everyone!|

updated: removed cleansing rune effect that i thought was bug! mis understood effect!

That’s what Rune of Cleansing is supposed to do. Remove all affixes & reduce instability by 5-15.

I noticed the Lunging through walls bug but wasn’t sure how to describe it. As long as there’s not a gap on the minimap, you can lunge through anything.

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Just a note, it’s supposed to reduce instability to 5-15, not by.

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thanks for the cleansing explanation must have mis read it! On top of that didnt know if lunging was intended or not so that you for the response on that! Lunging just kind happened on accident for me! im sure you can tell by my reaction lol

thanks for response on cleansing and clarification i either must have mis read or mis understood it before. so appreciate the response and post on this!

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