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Missing 600+ wave Sentinel

Am I losing my mind, or did a 600+ Arena wave Paladin from Messy disappear from a few days ago? I was hoping Boardman or Rimed might highlight it and break down the build because I wanted to give it a try.

Haaaaaaaaax (that the devs then removed)… I’ll break it down for you though:

  1. Cheat
  2. Profit!
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I feel you neglected to state step 4. Get Banned

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Oh, wow. Seriously? I was curious if something was fishy. So, if it was Messy’s toon why would their other toons also be on the ladder? I’m not trying to cause commotion here, just curious.

I missread your post. I can only presume that the devs removed the clearly dodgy outliers. If you want more info, you’d have to ask the devs themselves, though I doubt that they would give you an answer “policing actions” tend to not be commented on.

This person also just recently started (wasnt here last patch) and has 9 characters between the level of 76 and 84 that havent even done class change in a mastery… i mean 3 primalist to level 75+ and 0 druid/shamans/beastmaster?? whaaat. So obviously legit.