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Misleading wording "increased by X% of your stat"


The way I read it for the first time was like this:
“Say I have 25 ttunement. 4% of 25 is 1. Wait what? That’s very weak. Forget it.”

I took me a few weeks to realize that what it actually means “increase by 4% per point of your Attunement”.

So… change all occurences of such wording to “increased by X% per point of your stat”, pretty please?


It already says something like it :wink:
“Each point of attunement grant 5 elemental protection…”
So it should be fine as is.


Summon Wolf for example has a node that says exactly “Wolves’ health and damage are increased by 4% of your attunement”.
The way I read it, it means that if I have 25 attunement, damage and health are increased by 1, because 1 is 4% of my attunement (25),


Yes, for attributes.
Ahh that wasn’t specified. I didn’t know you were talking about skills.
Yea in that case, it sounds pretty lackluster but it might be a typo. I hope. If it is as you say, then it’s really bad xD

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