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[Minor] Xp Bar not fitting on screen in Borderless Fullscreen

Pretty much the title here, Doesn’t quite fit on 1920x1080 Borderless Fullscreen. It’s not shown.

Going to windowed or exclusive fullscreen is fine and displays it in those modes.

this isn’t a big deal but thought i’d put it up here for transparency

Is 1920x1080 your monitor’s native resolution? I regularly play on Maximized Windowed (borderless) and don’t have this problem.

A screenshot of your game (F12 if you’re on Steam) as well as your whole monitor would be helpful. You can do that by pressing the Windows key and Printscreen, and the screenshot is saved to Pictures\Screenshots.


Hello there,

sorry for the Incedibly slow response regarding this!

I’ll post a link showing my screen below.

During this I actually found that I can see the XP bar if I lower myself to the eye level of it.
however when sitting normally I cannot see it. Mainly a fault on my part it seems.

Still thought i’d post this and give clarification anyways. Sorry for that! - P.S sorry for the breathing!

Ahh ok, makes sense. Thanks for the follow up regarless.

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