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Minions survivability in AoE damage

Hey EHG,

I am having lot of fun with Necromancer and her army, the last patch is awsome !

However, I think there is an issue with AoE damage. Minions can’t move from AoE and this is a huge problem. I spent lot of passives/gear stats in order to improve by a lot my minions survivability and they almost never die except when they just stay for multiple seconds in AoE that deal huge damage over time (the void spikes, the poison clouds etc…). I think you should add another layer of damage reduction on top of the current 50% but only for AoE Damage. This is something that WoW already does, pets have a pretty huge AoE damage reduction in order to no die from those skills that usually deal a lot of damage to force player to move.

Curious to have your feedback regarding this topic, bye ! :wink:


I am posting here to put it again on front page of the forum. I think this is something important for all summoners (not only necromancer) and it will be a big concern for the toughest end game activities :wink:

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Ye I kinda agree, my minions never seem to die to pretty much anything except from when there’s just like a huge spike with like AoE dmg other than that they seem to be just about unkillable.

In ohter words, as newer and tougher content will keep coming during the life of the game, there will be the need for a FAILSAFE for all pet classes.

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