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Minions have literally no void protection and melt like snowflakes

Playing Necromancer is a big pain. Whenever you see VOID BROS… prepare your bucket of mana. You will have to resummon everything.
There is simply no passives on the tree to help with that aside from Cling to Life, and honestly it is very doubtful that you will be investing into it. 1 point of vit on such a high level… Plenty of other better options since you need to live yourself too.
Tiny Undying Shroud for skellies is all we have among all active skills.

I’ve noticed the same thing when trying to make my beastmaster build work, even with the Beast King axe (50% increased minion health) and stacking a few affixes on gear where I could fit it they still just melt to void/necrotic after around arena wave 75. Only thing that helps so far is constantly leaping to pull them out of the AoE (using the passive node that makes your wolves/sabre jump with you) but usually they seem hellbent on dying in the void zones :smiley:

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