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Minions have 0 health regen after respec

Had taken Ancient Call, decided to respec the entire passive nodes, did NOT take Ancient Call the second time, but minions are stil listed with 0 health regen in the character sheet, and do not appear to regen health on their own. They do get health back when i use a potion, or from melee dmg leech. They should have 240% increased health regen from 4 points in wolfen recovery.

Thanks for the report! If you summon a new minion after respeccing, do they regenerate health?

nope. i restarted and relogged several times, but that value stays 0.

Hmm, interesting. I tested this and when I summoned a new minion (so unsummoning my wolf and summoning a new one), they regenerated health correctly. Can you post your output_log from AppData\LocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games\Last Epoch? Though the log probably won’t show anything unless you start over.

I have a feeling it’s related to the respec of the passive nodes. I can grab the log from the last time i played. It’s too big to post here, where should i upload it?

I am having this issue as well.

Posting to would be fine.

I haven’t respec’d my wolves, but neither wolves nor sabretooth are regen’ing anymore since 0.7h patch. Also, I have an 85% drop rate for potions which also seem to not be dropping for me.

Sorry about this! If you didn’t take any action and this bug started occuring then I don’t think it’s related to the original bug in this thread.

Either way, a log file would be quite helpful.

Sorry, but the log file was overwritten at the time. I exited the game and restarted and the prob went away. Note: This was the one and only time this has happened. Thanks for your reply! I’ll be sure to save the log file if any further problems crop up. :smiley:

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