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Minion Hitbox need room for improvement

I have been testing minion build mainly on Necromancer and Primalist.

For improvement.

  • Minions hitbox need some love. There are times when I make 10+ minions with Necromancer that they just stop hitting mob because they just jam into one direction. Instead of hitting, they just push monster back. I have 10 Wraith, only 3-4 can hit monster for a single target. The rest just stand around till their time expires.
  • Skeletons aggro range is good. They can detect monsters ahead of me and run towards. This is apply only to warrior type/melee minions. Range minions are a bit lack behind (both skills and range abilities).I find it hard if play summoner then I have to choose weather to get warrior or archer or mage. If chose to specialise one in particular, the second choice is weak.

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