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Minion collision / path blocking

Playing a Necro, I am loving my army of skeletons. However, when I am trying to get out of danger, I often find my path blocked by the minions. This becomes especially noticeable in tighter spaces. Is this going to be an intended balancing feature? If not, it will be nice if one can pass through allies/minions. Body blocking gets frustrating at times.


Agreed. Body blocking with your own minions can get crippling in closed environments, and that kind of mechanic isn’t really healthy for gameplay.

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+1 to that. We must just pass through our own minions unhindered.
I die most of the times because i am stuck inside my own army and these skeletal asses are not fast enough to move out of the way lol

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Just to add, we must be able to pass through allies in multiplayer. Otherwise, imagine the toxicity, once players start blaming each other about who body blocked whom.

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This would be a big buff for minion builds like reeeealy big so I’m all againt it! Suffer minion users! SUFFER!
I think colission will stay like it is. Think about it changing the code only for coop makes no sence at all. Switch back and forth between 2 modes depending if you are in a group or alone is a bit much ^^.

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