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Mini map


Can we have the ability to zoom in and out of the mini map please ? Annoying and difficult to navigate when doing large levels .
Icons on the map I think are very dull so it’s hard to identify quests and new quests and the n my case missed quests !
Is it possible to have npc names too when mousing over them . I’m terrible with names and handing a quest in to a certain NPC there isn’t anything to see who is who .


Agree on zooming of minimap. I imagine there will be some rework on quest icons - I asked something similar on discord.


This was the first thing that hit me to… the mini map needs to be better.




As a visually impaired player would it be possible to also add the ability to move and resize the minimap ?

An example of this would be:.
Instead of it being at the top right could we be able to move it to the lower right and maybe make it bigger with resizing handles?