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So based off of @boardman21’s excellent theory crafting video How to theorycraft viable builds I decided I was going to see what I could do with his suggestions. I had an extra sorcerer who was languishing around level 45 or something and I decided to completely respec him with this in mind.

So my ‘step 1’ I choose Meteor. It sounded fun, I thought it was be a blast (pun absolutely intended) to watch the sky rain fire.

Holy crap, I can’t stop laughing. I hit level 65 or 66 or so and the screen and the explosions and the sound when I rip off 5 or 6 meteor drops at a time is friggin’ hilarious.

So worth it even if it’s never going be high end (haven’t really pushed at all as I’m still leveling some skills and tinkering and my gear is only about 60% optimal.)

Edited for Video:

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Pics (/video) or it didn’t happen…

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Oh, yeah, I’ll get some when I’m back on.

As requested!