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Meteor Mage VFX too intense; can't see

Heya. Sarno told me to post this here. It is impossible for me to see anything when spamming meteors on my sorc–just a big bright mess.

I think simply reducing the intensity of the ground effect would go a long way towards making my character’s feet easier to see.

Meteor skill tree:

Ultra settings:

Very low settings:

While it won’t looks like this on combat it does make the ground hard too see in come cases. But my worry is how things like this will look with MP. Having up to 5 people on the screen at a time. Some of these skills look amazing for a single player environment. but would be too much if other players are on screen too.

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Agreed. MP will compound the many such instances in the game where (imho) too much is happening with a particular skill / action on screen… I get that it looks “Wow” when half the screen lights up with a meteor shower, but its pretty crap to try and see what the hell is going on… MP will make it much worse…

as a side effect of addressing these kinds of problems in the game, they may also be able to improve performance & frame rate by limiting/shortening/changing the animations. especially if they make them a toggle in the Graphics Settings.

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My guess is, that in MP there gonna be option “Disable other players effects”.

Used the search function for this, so here’s a bump.

Not only other player’s effects, also for your own it would be great to have a “toggle off own battle effects”. As a melee running with RoS, Devouring Orb and Anomaly, the only way to see a puddle cast under the character is by watching the HP pool.

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Why does my meteor look nothing like those (on ultra settings)?

Maybe his settings are lama. Got it? Hurr durr, I’m out.