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Memory leak on macOS?

Since 7.7d the game has become unplayable.

Upon loading my alt my computer slows to a crawl and when I checked last epoch was using 15gigs of memory.

Sorry for what may appear to be a very random question, but do you happen to play a Mage?

We’re presently investigating an issue caused by the skill Lightning Blast.

I’m currently playing a sentinel, however I do have a mage that I’m not currently playing.

I’m not sure if I have lightning strike on him. I can check though if it’s useful

I had 10 mins so fired up the game. In the Charecter select screen the game was using just over 8Gig of memory. That changed to 12Gig when I loaded the charecter and then didn’t move.

The game was unplayable as clicks took up to 2 seconds to register in the game and for the charecter to move

Ok so I had another look last night. The activity monitor shows the sum of the virtual, real and active memory? By the time you subtract virtual memory and take into account the shared memory somewhat that value is much more sensible.

However I’m still seeing moderate to higher memory pressure and low frame rates since last patch. Not really sure what info I need to give you to help.

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