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Melee Targeting Feedback

My current feedback for melee…

Both may just be with how targeting works when you hold down your attack button when changing targets…

There are times when I cannot hit monsters that run up to me while i target them. I will have to re-position or retarget them a few times before I attack them. The move to melee attack enemies that are out of range setting also has some issues where my melee attacks will work on the initial target but when i try to change target it will attack in place.


Welcome to the LE Community.

Yes i agree, targeting especially for melee can be sometimes a bit inconvenient.
The first enemy that you target with an ability just works fine, you character will run to it and start attacking(if you have the option enabled to move to melee attack otu of range).

But as soon as that enemy is dead you cannot retarget anything and you character is locked in place while Keep Holding down the button. You need to release the button and start holding it again.

IF you could hold down the button and just swap targets with the cursor when you first target is dead would make the flow a little bit more smooth, not only for melee but also for some spells/range i guess


Sometimes it’s funny, with all the increased melee range and stuff and your toon is attacking thin air because reasons… or T-Rex arms or something like that. It just feels like you have to walk to the enemys with left click and then when you are standing on their toes and have been hit the first couple of times you can start hitting them.

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