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Melee class to pair with a support Paladin?

Hi, with multi players around the corner I’m trying to theory crafting a melee class to play with my brother. He wants to play a support paladin using hand of healing.

So far I,ve mostly play a void knight but the more I play him the more I start to think he won’t be a good grouping mate.

What makes you think that the Void Knight isn’t a good partner?

I don’t think there are any classes that don’t pair well with a support Paladin.

I’d try a more squishy build with a Reaper/Harvest Lich build or a Spellblade. But on the other hand you might have a hard time when you play solo or with other mates that don’t have specialised for support.

Perhaps Beastmaster also would be a nice choice. You have minions that get a lot of aggro increasing you survivability and you can go in melee.

If you ever change your mind you could go with a Necromancer. Having a lot of minions is always nice to spread the incoming damage.

But I must admit that I don’t have a really nice combo in mind. The skill system is so complex I already have to stress my brain to find the best synergies within a single class.

Maybe you both focus on a certain damage type like fire and ignite chance so you get more stacks on the targets (don’t know if there’s a cap with ignite).

If nothing changes with entangling roots than both beastmaster shaman and druid would be grest choices as they will heal massive amounts give allies +90% damage and totems give even more boost

The class bring no buff and barely any debuff. in multi player usualy class that bring something to each other tend to make bether teams.

But it does bring Anomaly. Need a few seconds of break from a boss that’s kicking the **** out of you? Anomaly it (anomalyse it? Anomalerate it?). Though apparently EHG are going to be reworking the skill. :frowning:

With Shield Throw (with it’s AoE node) and Future Strikes it can do a lot of dps to mobs.

Imo support forge guard is way better, he can do more healing with ring of shields+shield crafter passive(use stationary shield node) and can tank anything+pulling mobs with warpath and buffing whole party with sigils of hope.

On avarage you will have 16-32 shields, which can tank even high lvl mobs and heal party for 400+ per pack of 8.

So the more efficient combo is playing hard hitting ranged char+support warpath melee tank

It depends how the Pala is built. If he plays a status build everything will pair up fine but the classes that can do most dmg will be the best to work with. Warpath is simply still to strong for the CC it offers you can make everyone in the group unkillable only while using said skill.

yes warpath is too strong, so there is just no point going warpath and paladin, since FG will always be more tanky and holy aura damage buff isnt enough to compensate the loss of defenses on tank+shield crafter is too strong to pass on. In this game damage is the last thing you want to build up.

also what do you mean by status?

Thanks for the info guys, keep it going :stuck_out_tongue:

Just go with meteor crit mage+FG support, mage should have enough ward to survive occasional hits before FG pulls mobs with warpath or he can hide behind shields, damage should be through the roof with +32 flat fire spell damage from sigils.

i still think entangling roots CC/Buffs/Damage/Heals is way better than warpath. As a shaman/BM i can cast roots 11 times before the duration of the 1st cast end, putting me in 33 patches. 5 to a party… 33x5=165. Imagine being (granted fps >0) in 165 patches of roots at all times. Each patch heals for (75 health)*(Healing effectivness). Each patch can do up to 1 stack poison and 1 stack bleed, whats 165 stacks of poison per second do? And if everyone is say a BM… you can have 30 companions running around… I mean lets be real. Does any other class even matter atm.

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Whats the point of healing if you get one shotted, minions arent reliable for taunting mobs, while warpath is solid cc that can not be broken. Healing isnt a form of defense its utility, having 10000000 healing per second wont turn you into a walking immortal. BM is quite squishy imo and cant build super high defenses, so he will die from a wind blow on wave 400+ even with insane healing. While warpath makes mobs literally into training dummies

Best example of damgerous situation i can think of is rare osprix vanguard with speed modifier, rare mobs have way lower chance to get taunted and usually go for players, with speed modifier they can cast their fire blast so quickly that you cant run away from the circle, so its high chance that he will just one shot one of BM’s.

Imo building up a party where you always have to run away from one-shots is always inferior to parties who can face tank. Thats why i chose high ward+warpath tank combo

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Who says you cant get insane defense on BM or shaman? both come with 30% DR just like vengenance. You can get 70% + all resist. Ive yet to see a warpath build make it to 400+

Also neither the shaman or the BM are facetanks… so why cant they run away from 1 shots while roots with its 90% slow CC keeps mobs behind…

I,'ve wanted to make a primalist alt so I’ll look foward to this ty.

What would be the skill you use ?

Sword and board or 2hander ?

On shaman yes you can with many totems, on BM no you cant, he doesnt have good prot passives like shaman or druid, 70% all res is too low for high arena especially considering that they will make mobs harder in multiplayer (more players=harder mobs). You can be safe only with 80-90%+ some mitigation like boar or other things.

Also how will you build up prots on BM, he cant use 1 companion node on druid, he doesnt have any prot passives on the tree except for little bit of VIT, he also has to use suffixes for %minion damage, which take place of PROT affixes. Thats a very squishy class even if you get max dodge that wont help you.

Ofc shield+whatever, some block is always good, you dont need to deal damage, only to cull them at 15% hp with VK passive to get crazy amount of potions

P.s. vengence gives way more its gives 36% passively and 30% on top of it for 3 hits, so if you spam it you always have 36% and 30%

You dont have to use suffixes on minion damage… You can get enough minion DoT on just weapon + entangling roots + frenzy totem.

Well even with full t5 prot affixes you barely get to 80% if lucky, prots are quite weak without % inc prot, and from gear you can have 90% inc all prots at max, thats not nearly enough to push 500+ imo. the only way i see doing it is using pally/fg support with shield throw to give +2k prot to BM

try playing on your wearbear without On crit or 1 companion node passives, and see how tanky it will be.

Sorry but what is OFc shield ?

Skill i guess: warpath, lunge, Rebuke, Ring of Shield + vengence ?

Ofc=of course :slight_smile:

replace rebuke with sigils, otherwise your shileds wont be tanky enough. Check out my guide, i described there how to make shields very tanky and other sentinel tips for survivng

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