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Masteries need respec

To be honest , until can respec mastery and not be forced to make a new character and level it up all over again just to try one of the other 2 masteries of a class, have kinda lost all interest in LE as it is very off putting.

Leveling an alt later on gets easier and faster for everything you did before. I don’t mind spending some time ingame to make what I want. Different classes = replayability.

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You can get that same replayability though by respeccing without a forced level grind. Atm thats like 12 characters you are forced to level just to test out and discover if you like or not. If not a respec atleast a class intro system would be nice like some games use. Where you pick a class type and you start off as a high level able to test the class then at end of short story you start off as a level 1 who lost his memories etc. Being a game about time traveling something like this would be highly plausible


I think the devs have said that they want decisions to have some impact/permanence (or maybe I’m just making that up, I can’t remember). I know where you’re coming from, but I also like that you can’t just change anything/everything on the fly.

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A somewhat recent post on the subject, if you wish to read it;

Different builds required different characters, it’s always been that simple. The devs (and most of the community) want commitment to their characters. They should mean something and be special, not simply change a set of gear and off you go to do something completely different (hello D3). Many people ran multiple accounts on D2 so that they could play many builds (aside from muling), this is not a main issue. My main is something I never thought I’d enjoy, and I have over 10 dud toons that were fun at first but not anymore for me, that’s just the nature of the beast.

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Honestly i can understand not being able to respec masteries.

Though i can understand it might be tedious going through the entire story mode again the 10th time to get another mastery and to get idol slots and passives all over.

So maybe (once story mode is finished), giving the option to change your mastery on characters that have finished the story.
(a fellow time traveller that asks for alot of money but goes back in time to where you did the quest and tells you to pick another mastery*

So I pretty briefly skimmed the various responses in this thread and didn’t see mention of this that I think should be considered:

Even if you were able to respec your mastery, you’d still end up having to completely relevel most of your skills back to 20 (assuming you were at 20) which is a pretty un-fun grind already because now you’re either:

  1. Facing enemies of your level in scaled content but with significantly weaker skills
  2. Facing enemies much lower level to compensate and getting lower skill xp gains (also dreadfully boring in my opinion).

And sure, the grind is not as long presumably as going through the campaign, but it’s still a grind nonetheless. It’d not be a trivial task to despec and respec almost fully a character.

Like some others have said earlier, the time to go through the campaign honestly gets faster as you get used to the game (especially true if you’re not doing SSF) and getting through the first ~25 levels to unlock specializations in particular doesn’t take a large amount of effort.
I also personally think that this time spent playing through a new character gives you a better chance to get a feel for the skills you’re picking up.

Lastly I’ll say this: You can always look at all the passive trees before you make your choice of which mastery to take. You can even see which skills become available (though I would like to suggest to EHG the ability to preview skill specilizations before unlock).

Bonus: If you’re really invested in trying out the different masteries without having to level up effectively 15 characters (5 classes, 3 masteries each when game complete), you could get one of each base class high enough level (which you’d need to do anyways) where you could respect their points into the sub 25 passives on the other mastery trees. This will give you a basic feel for that class while unlocking MOST of the skills therein, giving you an ability to test things out so you can start a new character once to make the build you want. You’d be locked out of the mastery passive/skill and some higher unlock skills, but it’s something.


NO ARPG ever…has let you respec into an entirely new class after choosing one either right away or a few levels into the game…like…ever…

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Lol masteries are different than classes, and yes they have lol. Nearly every arpg lets you respec into different masteries, poe, d3, chaosbane, shadows, grim dawn, titans quest, torchlight, 40k etc … pretty all of them

Well, that’s not entirely true. There is only the smallest of windows before your mastery choices become permanent. Once you’ve chosen them and close the window it is locked in (barring the use of some third-party program to change them). I can’t speak for the others, but I would assume Titan Quest is the same.

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Grim dawn has respeccing as does titans quest. Its prolly been a minute since you played?

Re-specing of skills/devotions/attributes…but you could never change your class / mastery selections.

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Actually they are the same damn thing.

  1. PoE…you choose class right from the beginning…their skill tree does not make it all inclusive AT ALL because of where they start you on the tree…unless you take the CLASSLESS
  2. D3…I don’t know wtf you’re smoking but you choose monk…you have to start completely over to try barb / necro / crusader, etc…you don’t get to make that change with 1 char
  3. Chaosbane has NO class switching whatsoever…where are you coming up with these things…you choose your class at the beginning and that’s it…locked in…reroll new char to try new classes
  4. Grim Dawn locks your class choices the minute you close the window…no going back…have to reroll a new char if you don’t like it. (BTW, respecing a mastery does not EQUAL class change)
  5. Titan’s Quest…again just like Grim Dawn…you pick the class…close the window…you are stuck with it…period.
  6. Torchlight…again…pick a class…right from the start…and your stuck …have to reroll if you DON’T like it…
  7. 40k…SAME THING…

I can do this all day bro…
LE has a different way of showing you the 3 different types of SUBCLASS you can choose from BEFORE YOU EVER make a choice…so you can read all ability descriptions and what not…just like 2ndary masteries in GD… and TQ…you can look at the classes with your char…then make a choice…once choice is made you are stuck with it…

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I have no problems at all with not being able to respec your mastery. It’s an aRPG. There are some things inherent about the genre that actually DO require an investment of time. Yes, I understand everyone doesn’t have 2 or 6 or 12 hours a day to sink into a game but certain things about aRPGs are just indicative of the genre and if you change them then it really isn’t an aRPG anymore.

Not sure how I feel on this one. Respeccing masteries takes away replayability, but having to play the campaign over again gets old quick. Similar to how I was gonna do a void knight character, but I didn’t feel like playing the campaign over as sentinel for the third time in a row.

Maybe they should make it so where after you beat the campaign once you don’t have to do it again, like D3, and either just give all the passives from the side quest rewards in the campaign or make you earn them a different way.

Just because they are called masteries doesn’t make them the same as other games which have masteries as passives.

The way that Masteries are implemented in LE (philosophically different approaches to the base class, different available bonuses, different available skills), they are effectively the same as a (sub)class.

If you want to talk Grim Dawn (or Titan Quest), then your argument becomes looser. Masteries in Grim Dawn are actually pretty similar to Masteries in LE. They give you a different set of passives and abilities that are available to you depending on your choice and you can’t respec out of them once locked in.

Also D3 has no “respeccing” outside of Paragon points which are just small, raw passive bonuses; it just has skill loadouts.

I will give you that PoE (which has Ascendancies as a similar mechanic to LE’s Masteries) allows you to respec an Ascendancy class. However, while those tend to have large effects on build/playstyle, they are a much more late game consideration and are really just a handful of especially strong passives. They aren’t quite as “defining” of a character as Masteries are in LE.

Really, all you have to do is look at how the game uses the Mastery choice and not the base class in its Ladder displays for “Class” to realize how a Mastery in LE is much more the class than the base class.

I just want to point out what I said above in this post that technically PoE base class does matter now (it’s been years since they introduced it, but you might not have been aware of Ascendancy classes having been added).

I feel like people these days only concern themselves with the end game or “destination” of ARPGs and want to skip the leveling aspect or “journey” that makes ARPGs so great. I think this is a bad mindset to have in regards to these games.
Being able to re-allocate points to experiment within your mastery is a great feature to have, but I disagree with the ability to change masteries, those should be set in stone. I think having to create a new character to experiment with a new mastery, in the end, is much more rewarding than jumping into endgame. I think this aspect is crucial in regards to replayability.


Leveling makes ARPGs great? Maybe in your world ^^. Leveling is some kind of warmup untill you know the mechanics of a game but after this it’s just a waste of time. In LE it’s even worse because you need a certain level untill you get specific drops and shards to begin with. From my point of view it’s a “so so” thing. I get used to the class and the build I thought out but untill a certain level it’s a waste of time but I’m still against changing masteries.

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I love the way masteries work! You make a decision and you have to stick with it. Leveling in LE is not that hard, You don’t have to finish the story just gotta reach end of time if you wanna test a mastery. There is zero need for mastery respec.

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