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Mark of Death - Terror/Icy Manipulation; Fear/Chill doesn't work

I have Terror on Mark for Death, and when I use it, a skull is put above enemy heads, but they attack like normal etc. They don’t actually fear. I would expect for them to not attack and either run away, or tremble in place. Instead nothing happens apart from the spell effect. Mentioned it on the discord and Hackalöken confirmed it wasn’t working as intended, and to post here.

The “Icy Manipulation” node is also bugged…its not chilling

I’ll add that to the title for easy viewing. Didn’t get the chance to test that node out so thanks.

Chill works on my necro. It definitely reduces the movement speed of enemies. It’s more obvious when you increase the amount with the next skill node in the skilltree (can’t remember the name). For the fear effect I can confirm that it does not work. But it seems related to mark of death because the fear from wandering spirits works fine.

Chill reduces attack/cast speed and movement speed by 25% so the chill might just not be very noticeable. Not sure though

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