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Mark of Death mana cost is higher than expected

Mark of Death tooltip lists 2% mana efficiency per point, with the tree below and 42 points in int (and no other mana efficiency), Mark of Death shows a mana cost of 14. I’d expect (13+10)/(1+.84+.15) or 12

Just experienced something weird. I checked on my highest level lich, who’s specced into MfD, using the same formula as you, my mana cost came out to the wrong number. Made a new acolyte, checked base mana cost. 13. I suspected maybe it wasn’t calculating the efficiency from int correctly, so I leveled up to unlock it and put on some crafted int gear to see what it did.
Well, when I unlocked it at lvl 3 it suddenly displayed 16 mana cost instead of the 13 it was before. Also, making a new acolyte after that showed 16 base mana cost from the start. shrug Idk what’s real anymore.

Mana cost seems to always round up so if you replace that 13 with 16, it comes to 13.06 rounded up to 14.

The base cost of Mark of Death is 16 (though that’s with 2 points in Int, so if may actually be 17), not 13.

If you take the base cost of 17 instead of 13 you get the correct amount. (17+10)/(1+0.84+0.15) = 13.6 (rounded up to 14).

cost is 16, if it were 17 with the 2 base int it would be 16.3 rounded back up.

But that 16 is with the Acolyte’s base 2 Int for 4% mana efficiency therefore the cost for 0 Int would be 16/(1+0.04) = 16.64 probably rounded up to 17. If the base cost with zero int were 16 the cost with 2 Int would be 16/(1+0.04) = 15.38 which should round down to 15 unless LE rounds up by default instead of rounding down.

Anyways. Leave it up to devs to figure out if the base cost is higher than intended. I did witness it show 13 mana cost on the skills page when I made the first test acolyte before it jumped after unlocking it.

sigh The devs & their maths…

Edit: Though now I want to check whether mana costs do always round up…

Yeah, mana costs always round up… :frowning:

I tested with Holy Aura (30 cost, no mana efficiency nodes, nekkid character except for an amulet with mana efficiency crafted on it).

The t2 & t4 mana efficiency suffixes should have rounded down to 28 & 27 respectively but didn’t :frowning:
Also, I’m not sure just being able to get up to 15% mana efficiency on a single slot is “enough”.

Yeah, mana costs and CDs are always ceilinged to prevent things going down to 0 possibly. Most rounding in the game appears to not be in the player’s favor. E.g. ward gained from soul feast is always floored it seems.

Thanks for all the testing everyone, looks like mainly the original tooltip is wrong, but at least I know how it works now.

Mark for Death has a base cost of 16, I don’t know what caused the behavior Arethwyn saw but it did not happen to me when I tested.

The rounding that’s occuring here is only on the tooltip-- you’re only paying the 13.06 mana that Arethwyn calculated. In situations like this it’s probably a bit extreme to round the displayed value up, so I’ll ask if that can be changed.

Rounding the values displayed makes a cleaner presentation, but being off by this much is excessive perhaps. For cooldowns, the display is always rounded to the nearest tenth of a second.

It’s fine, it was an error on the base cost that caused the bug report.

I’m still seeing some behavior that would indicate a base cost of 13 - using an unspec’d Mark of Death with 4% mana eff on my amulet, I’m getting a display cost of 8. That math only works with a base cost of 13, with the display rounded up from 7.3 to 8.

It’s definitely not 13. If you start a new Acolyte (as I did for the figures I gave in my first post) the cost is 16 with 2 Int (not that it matters as the cost is rounded up).

Okay, a lot of this was because I forgot I had exalted prefix on my wand… My bad everyone

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