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Mark for Death (Option to make it into an Aura)?


could we get the option for Mark for Death to turn it into an Aura?


I see where you are going! Hopefully not :D. AoD + MoD perma PBAoE action ^^… just walk through the game. Sure the idea is intresting but I don’t hope this will happen ;).


Then you know more then i do.
I am playing a Necromancer with Skeleton, Skeleton Mages, Golem, MoD and Harvest. It would be much easier for me when i dont need to cast Mark for Death to receive Ward for me and my Minions^^.
I think AoD ist Aura of Decay? I havent testet the Lich so far, so i dont know which synergy effect those two skill have.
As an alternative a Node that auto cast Mark for Death when you hit with harvest would be also good :slight_smile:

now auto cast marked for death to proc when you hit with harvest would probably be a good idea, but let me further modify that for you.

Harvest> - Add a node that at 1/1 gives marked for death a 2 second cooldown, but is insant cast, so you could hold marked for death down skill button down (slots 1-5), while moving, with no interuptions to movement speed, or attacking with harvest.

Yepp, i had something like that in mind too. Specially the new node inside Harvest. Interesting would it be if Mark for Death is needed at the qwer - right click keys or not to trigger or not. If not then you would have the unskilled Mark for Death auto casted and get the benefits from it for your Harvest skilled Ward gain. You would also have a slot free to use it for somehting else or if it can only trigger when it is a slotted skill so you need it as a skilled tree gain move benefits from it, because of lesser resistance, higher duration and area.

Which than would be unfair because you would have a extra skill compared to other classes…

Hmm. I’m not a friend of this idea. I like it the way it is right now.

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you don’t “get” in extra skill. you have 5 specializations you can specialize, and 5 skills to use on your hotbar, just because you don’t have every skill you specialize on the hot bar DOES not make ANYTHING more or less unfair, it’s called quality of life, and what he is saying how marked for death should be, IS EXACTLY how maelstrom is currently.

Do not turn it into an aura (would make lich even more OP then it already it is)

Since your running necro in your passive tree there is node called “mark of punishment” this node can give 100% chance to mark nearest enemy with mark of death upon death. Spam wraiths instead of mark of death skill. wraiths will do more damage and give you more defense since they count as minion.

It’s just the flavor. But I like the Diablo 2 style of necromancer. Playing necro feels different in comparison to other classes and that is what it is supposed to be. Your main goal is to keep your minions alive and debuff your foes. It’s a passive class where you don’t actively cast spells to eliminate enemies, but you’re weakening them or buffing your minions.

At least this is what I expect of this class. For me there even are way to less spells like mark for death. This skill already is a simplification of the D2 Necro debuffs. With the skill tree it gives you access to a combination of buffs and debuffs that all were different skills in the good old D2 times.

When I play Necro I want to stand back and command my army. This should be the class with the smallest number of clicks per minute in this game.

Therefore I don’t want to have an mark for death aura to be able to be more active during combat. On the contrary I want more skills like mark for death that debuff or distract my enemies or buff my minions. If I want to be an active caster I would play sorcerer. I want to sit back and watch my servants to do the bloody work.

I think that some people just think about a necro being an evil sorcerer that uses dark spells. Imho the Acolyte class can fulfill these expectations with the specialisations of Warlock and Lich. But the Necromancer should not be that other kind of sorcerer.

So mark for death needs to be an active skill. Because actively cursing enemies is the main (and should be the most important) activity of an old school Necromancer.

This is just my point of view. No offence to the op.

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I don’t understand, it is an active skill, and a passive skill, there are option to change that within the skill tree already, and I just checked, theres also a passive that procs it in mastery tree and a unique shield called soul bastion that procs it passively, so you can actually do whatever in this regard to it, make it pure active, a mix of both, or pure passive. I never played diablo2, so my necro experience is mainly limited to grimdawn, but I can assure you, this necro class does indeed feel vastly different already from grimdawns necro mechanics, of mainly stacking damage with enemy debuffs. In this game in this game you can freely proc a bone prisons, damage debuffs, damage increases cc, on this skill here in this game… what more do you want?

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