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Mark for Death bugged?

Honestly, it’s hard with the lack of consistent damage & enemies right now to be sure, crits and effects are obviously a big factor. But anecdotally, it seems like I do less damage when enemies are marked for death than when they aren’t. I have it tuned for necrotic damage, and the full mana cost + damage increase, and my rip blood is necrotic. Rip blood seems to reliably do 70 damage on hit without marking enemies, but only 30-40 with them marked.

It might honestly just be a coincidence and lack of evidence, but I figured better safe than sorry and wanted to report just in case.

Ok no, I feel like I just confirmed this. I finally got my golem killed, found an enemy with a lot of health. First 4 blood rips did roughly 70 damage, give or take. Cast marked for death, then my next three hits all did 30-40.

Another thing that’s hard to confirm, but it seems like when I despecialized and don’t have the "- necrotic armor, this isn’t an issue. Could be an issue with negative values?

I have the same problem. I use a poison build and when i use mark for death with weak constituation (-175 poison protection) i lose a lot of damage. It seems like the enemy gets +175 poison protection.
Same with desecration. Instead of dealing 25% more damage i deal 25% less damage.

Yeah I wonder if we’ll receive any dev info about it. I’ve had to just ignore that spell completely for now.

Most likely (I’ve tested in a few areas), switching from mark for death (and rip blood) from physical dmg to full necrotic does consider enemy resistances.

I’m playing a lich atm, I use mark for death and rip blood to drain some HP back (with improved HP nodes) in tight fights, while my archer skeletons leech bow phys dmg on their own.

I don’t have internal stats about enemy/boss resistances, nor does the LE wiki, so I cannot say this for sure.

But if it’s a bug in the pve mission areas, I don’t feel it as much. But I’ll most likely feel the dmg being better in arena where voidwalkers or undead are every other wave.

It’s possible that enemies with more necrotic resistance than the debuff work correctly but enemies without necrotic resistance go into a negative value that causes issues.

Thanks for the report-- the skill is incorrectly adding protection but the “increased damage taken” modifier is applied correctly. It isn’t quite as simple as “missing a negative sign” but hopefully it can be fixed soon.

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Wooo yay! Thanks :slight_smile: That’ll really round out my build.

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