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Manifest armor + shield throw + holy aura bug

Sorry for the vague title but I simply couldn’t figure out how to summarize it in one short sentence. I’m using manifest armor. I have the shield throw node where manifested armors hit by my shield throw do the whirlwind melee attack thing. Lastly I’m using holy aura and have the node where when an enemy gets hit 8 times, it causes a flame burst.

The bug is that when I use shield throw to cause whirlwinds, it will take like 9 to 14 whirlwinds (12 on average it seems) for it to proc flame burst instead of 8 like it should be. These count as melee attacks that count towards the flame burst count. If my armor is simply attacking an enemy, it happens in 8 hits like it should. Sometimes if I throw shields very slowly it will happen at 8 whirlwinds. It seems the faster I throw, the bigger the error. With higher throwing attack speed, it will lean more towards the 14 flame burst count.

I really want this build to work because it seems fun! Help!

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