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Manifest armor questions

1: does it gain stats from unique items

2: if an item has minion stats on it, does it gain MORE from those pieces, or is it useless because it would only apply to the armors minions (which don’t exist)

3: same question as above, but for strength and attunement

4: is his base health regen 0?

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And what is it’s base health?

well according to the tooltip it’s 400+10 per point of strength and attunement

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Shuffles off looking slightly sheepish

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it be that way sometimes, but i’m sure there are still hidden factors yet to be discovered.

Interesting questions.

Anyway I had manifest armor for some levels at around 60 and it was underwhelming with equipped shield + mace nodes and using T5 weapon shield and all the gear so i removed it :confused: