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Mananodes in Glacier

My current character is a Lowlife Glacier sorc, trying to make the skill as spamable as possible. (I somehow made it on the ladder with my latest arena run, charname “Brutzlbaer”.) The limiting factor is the huge - and fully justified - manacost of Glacier. Therefore the character stacks mana and uses the Focus branch wich gives you 50% of your max mana back once your manapool is empty.

But even with over 400 max mana and over 60% critchance on Glacier its mananodes (1% max mana on crit, 2% max mana on kill) are not worth taking, they don’t do enough.

I’m not complaining, the character works very well. All i want, is to drag some attention to these nodes, because i can’t see a build wich would actually take them:

  • My fully invested Glacier character can’t use them.

  • For utility you would have to take the -80% manacost, no big 'splosion node, then stack max mana and then for some reasons prefer spamming Glacier over the Focus branch with instant recovery or a mana-oriented Flameward setup. Imo that’s a very far-fetched condition to meet.

I don’t have a suggestion, because i think the manacost of Glacier should not be trivialized. It offers both good clear and singletarget and should require some investment when used as a main skill.

Maybe it would be an option to make these nodes more powerful, but give either glacier or the managain a cooldown, when speccing them?

Ty for reading,

Meanwhile, I’m on the opposite end, and think these nodes are amazing. Combined with the “next spell cast” is free node on teleport and 100% crit chance, I barely ever run out of mana.

Interesting. I’m going to try the teleport node.

Edit says:

Thx a lot for your input! I’ve tested both the Teleport node alone and then your full setup, and i have to agree with you.

Solely the Teleport node made a huge difference already. I had completely underestimated it’s powerlevel and never tried it before. Speccing it makes a lot of sense though with a slow, hard-hitting spell like Glacier.
This occasional big influx of a free cast worth 46 mana now also made the consistent influx from the Glacier mananodes a lot better. I think the reason, why speccing the free cast in Teleport is so big, is, that it always works, not just out of mana like the Focus branch. Before speccing the Teleport node, i had to run out of mana in time in order to use Focus effectively. Therefore a small influx sometimes actually was detrimental for the sustain. In conjuction with the Teleport node however things work out really well.

I love interactions like that, they make the game fascinating for me. I’m absolutely thrilled that you gave me the chance to learn about it and shared your discovery. Thx again!

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